Castillo-Chavez, Carlos

Infectious Disease Informatics and Biosurveillance

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Table of contents

1. Real-Time Public Health Biosurveillance
Henry Rolka, Jean O’Connor

2. Designing Ethical Practice in Biosurveillance
Jeff Collmann, Adam Robinson

3. Using Emergency Department Data For Biosurveillance: The North Carolina Experience
Anna E. Waller, Matthew Scholer, Amy I. Ising, Debbie A. Travers

4. Clinical Laboratory Data for Biosurveillance
Eileen Koski

5. Biosurveillance Based on Test Orders from Veterinary Diagnostic Labs
Loren Shaffer

6. Markov Switching Models for Outbreak Detection
Hsin-Min Lu, Daniel Zeng, Hsinchun Chen

7. Detection of Events In Multiple Streams of Surveillance Data
Artur Dubrawski

8. Algorithm Combination for Improved Performance in Biosurveillance
Inbal Yahav, Thomas Lotze, Galit Shmueli

9. Modeling in Space and Time
Daniel A. Ford, James H. Kaufman, Yossi Mesika

10. Surveillance and Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases using Spatial and Temporal Lustering Methods
Ta-Chien Chan, Chwan-Chuen King

11. Age-Adjustment in National Biosurveillance Systems
Steven A. Cohen, Elena N. Naumova

12. Modeling in Immunization and Biosurveillance Research
C. Raina Macintyre, James G. Wood, Rochelle Watkins, Zhanhai Gao

13. Natural Language Processing for Biosurveillance
Wendy W. Chapman, Adi V. Gundlapalli, Brett R. South, John N. Dowling

14. Knowledge Mapping for Bioterrorism-Related Literature
Yan Dang, Yulei Zhang, Hsinchun Chen, Catherine A. Larson

15. Social Network Analysis for Contact Tracing
Yi-Da Chen, Hsinchun Chen, Chwan-Chuen King

16. Multi-Agent Modeling of Biological and Chemical Threats
Kathleen M. Carley, Eric Malloy, Neal Altman

17. Integrated Health Alerting And Notification
Linh H. Le, Debra L. Sottolano, Ivan J. Gotham

18. Design and Performance of A Public Health Preparedness Informatics Framework
Ivan J. Gotham, Debra L. Sottolano, Linh H. Le, Michael J. Primeau, Loretta A. Santilli, Geraldine S. Johnson, Stephanie E. Ostrowski, Mary E. Hennessey

19. System Evaluation and User Technology Adoption
Paul Jen-Hwa Hu, Daniel Zeng, Hsinchun Chen

20. Syndromic Surveillance for the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit Meeting
Yasushi Ohkusa, Tamie Sugawara, Hiroaki Sugiura, Kazuo Kodama, Takushi Horie, Kiyoshi Kikuchi, Kiyosu Taniguchi, Nobuhiko Okabe

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Health Informatics, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen, Business Information Systems, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Epidemiology, Information Systems and Communication Service

Publication year
Integrated Series in Information Systems
Page amount
51 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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