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Infant Feeding Practices

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Table of contents

1. Infant Feeding Beliefs and Practices Across Cultures: An Introduction
Pranee Liamputtong

2. Managing the Lactating Body: The Breastfeeding Project in the Age of Anxiety
Orit Avishai

3. Attitudes to Breastfeeding
Jane A. Scott

4. The Imperative to Breastfeed: An Australian Perspective
Athena Sheehan, Virginia Schmied

5. Infant Feeding and the Problems of Policy
Ellie Lee

6. Shifting Identities: Social and Cultural Factors That Shape Decision-Making Around Sustaining Breastfeeding
Joyce L. Marshall, Mary Godfrey

7. Breastfeeding Under the Blanket: Exploring the Tensions Between Health and Social Attitudes to Breastfeeding in the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom
Caroline Jane Gatrell

8. Breastfeeding Beliefs and Practices Among Employed Women: A Thai Cultural Perspective
Susanha Yimyam

9. Good Mothers and Infant Feeding Practices Amongst Women in Northern Thailand
Pranee Liamputtong, Somsri Kitisriworapan

10. Breastfeeding in Sub-Saharan Africa: Still the Best Despite the Risk of HIV
Lucy Thairu

11. Infant Feeding in the Era of HIV: Challenges and Opportunities
Tanya Doherty

12. Facing Competing Cultures of Breastfeeding: The Experience of HIV-Positive Women in Burkina Faso
Alice Desclaux, Chiara Alfieri

13. Fluid Boundaries: Multiple Meanings of the Illness ‘Moto’ in Northern Malawi
Laura Sikstrom, Rachel Bezner Kerr, Laifolo Dakishoni

14. From Traditional to Optimal Breastfeeding Practices: Selected Cases from Central and Southern Africa
Penjani Kamudoni, Gerd Holmboe-Ottesen

15. Hoki Ki Te Ukaipo: Reinstating Māori Infant Care Practices to Increase Breastfeeding Rates
Marewa Glover, Chris Cunningham

16. Infant Feeding in Indigenous Australian Communities
Jane A. Scott, Colin W. Binns

17. Breastfeeding, Vertical Disease Transmission and the Volition of Medicines in Malawi
Robert Pool, Christopher Pell, Blessings Nyasilia Kaunda, Don Mathanga, Marjolein Gysels

18. Infant Feeding Beliefs and Practices in Islamic Societies: Focusing on Rural Turkey
Meliksah Ertem

19. Early Initiation of Breastfeeding and Its Beneficial Effects in Japan
Yuko Nakao, Sumihisa Honda

20. Socio-cultural Factors Influencing Infant Feeding Patterns Within 6 Months Postpartum in Rural Vietnam
Dat Duong

21. Infant Feeding Following Migration: Attitudes and Practices of Women Born in Turkey and Vietnam After Migration to Australia
Helen L. McLachlan, Della A. Forster

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Maternal and Child Health, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen, Anthropology

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35 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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