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Bronchial Asthma

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Table of contents

1. The Clinical Definitions of Asthma
Howard David Pettigrew, Christopher Chang, Suzanne S. Teuber, M. Eric Gershwin

2. The Genetic Bases of Asthma
Carlo Selmi, Maria Santis, M. Eric Gershwin

3. The Use of the Pulmonary Function Laboratory in Diagnosing Asthma
Michael Schivo, Amir A. Zeki, Nicholas J. Kenyon, Timothy E. Albertson

4. Diagnosis and Management of Allergic Disease
Arif Seyal, Sean Deane, Christopher Chang

5. The Pediatric Asthmatic
Christopher Chang

6. The Adult Asthmatic
Amir A. Zeki, Nicholas J. Kenyon, Ken Yoneda, Samuel Louie

7. The Patient with Asthma in the Emergency Department
Jason Y. Adams, Mark E. Sutter

8. The Critically Ill Asthmatic: from ICU to Discharge
Samuel Louie, Brian M. Morrissey, Nicholas J. Kenyon, Timothy E. Albertson, Mark V. Avdalovic

9. Asthma and Pregnancy
Rani R. Vatti, Suzanne S. Teuber

10. Exercise-Induced Asthma
Stanley Naguwa, Rahmat Afrasiabi, Christopher Chang

11. Viral Disease, Air Pollutants, Nanoparticles, and Asthma
Bruce Ryhal

12. Occupational Asthma
Nicholas J. Kenyon, Brian M. Morrissey, Michael Schivo, Timothy E. Albertson

13. Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis
Christian M. Sebat, Mark V. Avdalovic, Brian M. Morrissey

14. Rhinitis, Sinusitis, and Asthma
Anton Dotson, Gary A. Incaudo

15. Anesthesia for Patients with Asthma
Matthew Sisitki, Christian H. Bohringer, Neal Fleming

16. How Drugs Including Recreational Drugs Affect Asthma
Timothy E. Albertson, Kelly P. Owen, Mark E. Sutter, Nicholas J. Kenyon

17. The Challenge of Asthma in Minority Populations
Albin B. Leong, Clare D. Ramsey, Juan C. Celedón

18. Asthma, Health Care, and the Law
Charles Bond

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Primary Care Medicine, General Practice / Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pneumology/Respiratory System

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