Fitzgerald, Rebecca C.

Pre-Invasive Disease: Pathogenesis and Clinical Management

Fitzgerald, Rebecca C. - Pre-Invasive Disease: Pathogenesis and Clinical Management, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Stem Cells in Intraepithelial Neoplasia
Nicholas A. Wright

2. The Inflammatory Tissue Microenvironment and the Early Stages of Malignancy
Fran Balkwill

3. Hereditary Factors and Pre-invasive Disease
Paul D. P. Pharoah

4. Epigenetic Alterations as Contributors to the Pathogenesis, Detection, Prognosis and Treatment of Human Pre-invasive Neoplasia
Stefan David, Stephen J. Meltzer

5. The Progression of Pre-invasive to Invasive Cancer
Souzan Sanati, D. Craig Allred

6. Contribution of the -Omics Era to Our Understanding of Preinvasive Disease and Progression to Cancer
Rita A. Busuttil, Alex Boussioutas

7. Somatic Evolution in Neoplastic Progression and Cancer Prevention
Carlo C. Maley, Eva Szabo, Brian J. Reid

8. Precancer in Animal Models: Sequentially Acquired or Predetermined?
Robert D. Cardiff, Alexander D. Borowsky

9. Biomarkers for Detection of Intra-epithelial Neoplasia
Kareem M. Shariff, Pierre Lao-Sirieix

10. Molecular Imaging of Cancer and the Implications for Pre-invasive Disease
Scott K. Lyons, Kevin M. Brindle

11. Chemoprevention
Richard A. Hubner

12. Endoscopic Management of Pre-invasive Esophageal Adenocarcinoma
Namasivayam Vikneswaran, Kenneth K. Wang

13. Psychosocial Outcomes of Screening for Cancer and Pre-invasive Disease
Robert N. Whistance, Shelley Potter, Mark Eveleigh, Jane M. Blazeby

14. Pre-invasive Disease of the Lung
Ornella Belvedere, Anindo K. Banerjee, Pamela Rabbitts

15. Progress in Early Detection and Management of Oral Dysplasia: Components for a Multifaceted Progression Risk Model
Miriam P. Rosin, Catherine F. Poh, S. Y. Catherine Kang, Calum E. MacAulay, Lewei Zhang

16. Barrett’s Oesophagus
Rebecca Fitzgerald

17. Helicobacter Infection: Infection, Immunity and the Progression of Lesions to Invasive Gastric Cancer
Evelyn Kurt-Jones, Jean Marie Houghton

18. Pathways and Crossroads to Colorectal Cancer
Elisa Cattaneo, Michael Baudis, Federico Buffoli, Maria Antonia Bianco, Fausto Zorzi, Giancarlo Marra

19. Precursor Lesions of Pancreatic Cancer
Hanno Matthaei, Anirban Maitra

20. Breast: Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS)
John P. Brown, Sarah E. Pinder

21. Molecular Pathogenesis, Detection and Clinical Management of Pre-invasive Cervical Lesions
Wen-Chung Chen, Barbara Ma, Chih-Ping Mao, T-C Wu

22. Pre-malignant Disease in the Prostate
Alastair D. Lamb, Anne Y. Warren, David E. Neal

23. Early Disease, Early Detection, Early Treatment: Some Common Threads and Some Important Problems
John D. Potter

Keywords: Biomedicine, Cancer Research, Pharmacology/Toxicology

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