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Cardiac Electrophysiology Methods and Models

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Table of contents

1. Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology: An Overview of Its Evolution
David G. Benditt, Scott Sakaguchi, MaryAnn Goldstein, Richard Sutton

2. Basic Cardiac Electrophysiology: Excitable Membranes
Deborah A. Jaye, Yong-Fu Xiao, Daniel C. Sigg

3. Cardiac Action Potentials, Ion Channels, and Gap Junctions
Jacques M. T. Bakker, Harold V. M. Rijen

4. Anatomy and Physiology of the Cardiac Conduction System
Paul A. Iaizzo, Timothy G. Laske

5. The Electrocardiogram and Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology
John T. Nguyen, Xiaohuan Li, Fei Lü

6. Principles of Electrophysiological In Vitro Measurements
Frank Lehmann-Horn, Michael Fauler, Boris Holzherr, Karin Jurkat-Rott

7. Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiological Modeling
David P. Nickerson, Peter J. Hunter

8. Computer Modeling of Electrical Activation: From Cellular Dynamics to the Whole Heart
Bruce H. Smaill, Peter J. Hunter

9. Detection and Measurement of Cardiac Ion Channels
Gwilym M. Morris, Mark R. Boyett, Joseph Yanni, Rudolf Billeter, Halina Dobrzynski

10. Cell Culture Models and Methods
Alena Nikolskaya, Vinod Sharma

11. Isolated Tissue Models
Rodolphe P. Katra

12. Isolated Heart Models
Nicholas D. Skadsberg, Alexander J. Hill, Paul A. Iaizzo

13. Small Animal Models for Arrhythmia Studies
Jong-Kook Lee, Yukiomi Tsuji

14. Use of Large Animal Models for Cardiac Electrophysiology Studies
Jason L. Quill, Michael D. Eggen, Eric S. Richardson

15. Optical Mapping and Calcium Imaging
Rodolphe P. Katra

16. Electrophysiology of Single Cardiomyocytes: Patch Clamp and Other Recording Methods
Eric S. Richardson, Yong-Fu Xiao

17. Invasive Electroanatomical Mapping and Navigation
Moussa Mansour, David Donaldson

18. Cardiac Electrophysiological Imaging: Solving the Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography
Bin He, Chenguang Liu

19. Traditional Electrophysiological Mapping
Tushar V. Salukhe, Louisa Malcolme-Lawes, Pipin Kojodjojo, Nicholas S. Peters

20. Multi-channel System for Analysis of Cardiac Rhythmicity and Conductivity In Vitro
Yong-Fu Xiao

21. Cardiac CT/MRI Imaging for Electrophysiology
Mohammad Nurulqadr Jameel, Abdul Mansoor

22. Introduction to Translational Research
J. Kevin Donahue, Maria Strom, Ian D. Greener

23. Clinical Perspective: Electrophysiology in the Young and Patients with Congenital Heart Disease
James C. Perry

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Cardiology

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