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Approximation and Computation

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Table of contents

1. The Scientific Work of Gradimir V. Milovanović
Aleksandar Ivić

2. My Collaboration with Gradimir V. Milovanović
Walter Gautschi

3. On Some Major Trends in Mathematics
Themistocles M. Rassias

4. An Application of Sobolev Orthogonal Polynomials to the Computation of a Special Hankel Determinant
Paul Barry, Predrag M. Rajković, Marko D. Petković

5. Extremal Problems for Polynomials in the Complex Plane
Borislav Bojanov

6. Energy of Graphs and Orthogonal Matrices
V. Božin, M. Mateljević

7. Interlacing Property of Zeros of Shifted Jacobi Polynomials
Aleksandar S. Cvetković

8. Trigonometric Orthogonal Systems
Aleksandar S. Cvetković, Marija P. Stanić

9. Experimental Mathematics Involving Orthogonal Polynomials
Walter Gautschi

10. Compatibility of Continued Fraction Convergents with Padé Approximants
Jacek Gilewicz, Radosław Jedynak

11. Orthogonal Decomposition of Fractal Sets
Ljubiša M. Kocić, Sonja Gegovska - Zajkova, Elena Babače

12. Positive Trigonometric Sums and Starlike Functions
Stamatis Koumandos

13. Quadrature Rules for Unbounded Intervals and Their Application to Integral Equations
G. Monegato, L. Scuderi

14. Gauss-Type Quadrature Formulae for Parabolic Splines with Equidistant Knots
Geno Nikolov, Corina Simian

15. Approximation of the Hilbert Transform on the Real Line Using Freud Weights
Incoronata Notarangelo

16. The Remainder Term of Gauss–Turán Quadratures for Analytic Functions
Miodrag M. Spalević, Miroslav S. Pranić

17. Towards a General Error Theory of the Trapezoidal Rule
Jörg Waldvogel

18. Finite Difference Method for a Parabolic Problem with Concentrated Capacity and Time-Dependent Operator
Dejan R. Bojović, Boško S. Jovanović

19. Adaptive Finite Element Approximation of the Francfort–Marigo Model of Brittle Fracture
Siobhan Burke, Christoph Ortner, Endre Süli

20. A Nyström Method for Solving a Boundary Value Problem on [0, ∞)
Carmelina Frammartino

21. Finite Difference Approximation of a Hyperbolic Transmission Problem
Boško S. Jovanović

22. Homeomorphisms and Fredholm Theory for Perturbations of Nonlinear Fredholm Maps of Index Zero and of A-Proper Maps with Applications
P. S. Milojević

23. Singular Support and mathfrak{F}

Continuity of Pseudodifferential Operators
Stevan Pilipović, Nenad Teofanov, Joachim Toft

24. On a Class of Matrix Differential Equations with Polynomial Coefficients
Boro M. Piperevski

25. Optimized Algorithm for Petviashvili’s Method for Finding Solitons in Photonic Lattices
Raka Jovanović, Milan Tuba

26. Explicit Method for the Numerical Solution of the Fokker-Planck Equation of Filtered Phase Noise
Dejan Milić

27. Numerical Method for Computer Study of Liquid Phase Sintering: Densification Due to Gravity-Induced Skeletal Settling
Zoran S. Nikolić

28. Computer Algebra and Line Search
Predrag Stanimirović, Marko Miladinović, Ivan M. Jovanović

29. Roots of AG-bands
Nebojša Stevanović, Petar V. Protić

30. Context Hidden Markov Model for Named Entity Recognition
Branimir T. Todorović, Svetozar R. Rančić, Edin H. Mulalić

31. On the Interpolating Quadratic Spline
Zlatko Udovičić

32. Visualization of Infinitesimal Bending of Curves
Ljubica S. Velimirović, Svetozar R. Rančić, Milan Lj. Zlatanović

Keywords: Mathematics, Optimization, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Approximations and Expansions, Mathematics of Computing

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Springer Optimization and Its Applications
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17 pages
Natural Sciences

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