Efklides, Anastasia

Trends and Prospects in Metacognition Research

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: The Present and the Future in Metacognition
Anastasia Efklides, Plousia Misailidi

2. Metacognition in Nonhumans: Methodological and Theoretical Issues in Uncertainty Monitoring
Michael J. Beran, Justin J. Couchman, Mariana V. C. Coutinho, Joseph Boomer, J. David Smith

3. The Metacognitive Role of Familiarity in Artificial Grammar Learning: Transitions from Unconscious to Conscious Knowledge
Ryan Scott, Zoltán Dienes

4. Fringe Consciousness: A Useful Framework for Clarifying the Nature of Experience-Based Metacognitive Feelings
Elisabeth Norman, Mark C. Price, Simon C. Duff

5. Further Insight into Cognitive and Metacognitive Processes of the Tip-of-the-Tongue State with an Amnesic Drug as Cognitive Tool
Elisabeth Bacon

6. Prospective Memory Failure and the Metacognitive Experienceof “Blank in the Mind”
Anastasia Efklides, Alexandra Touroutoglou

7. Metamemory in Schizophrenia: Monitoring or Control Deficit?
Marie Izaute, Elisabeth Bacon

8. The Realism in Children’s Metacognitive Judgments of Their Episodic Memory Performance
Carl Martin Allwood

9. Cognitive Interruption as an Object of Metacognitive Monitoring: Feeling of Difficulty and Surprise
Alexandra Touroutoglou, Anastasia Efklides

10. Tracking On-Line Metacognition: Monitoring and Regulating Comprehension in Reading
Riitta Kinnunen, Marja Vauras

11. Metacognition in Young Children: Current Methodological and Theoretical Developments
David Whitebread, Qais Almeqdad, Donna Bryce, Demetra Demetriou, Valeska Grau, Claire Sangster

12. Metacognitive Development in Early Childhood: New Questions about Old Assumptions
Kristen E. Lyons, Simona Ghetti

13. Children’s Metacognition and Theory of Mind: Bridging the Gap
Plousia Misailidi

14. Self-Confidence and Academic Achievements in Primary-School Children: Their Relationships and Links to Parental Bonds, Intelligence, Age, and Gender
Sabina Kleitman, Tanya Moscrop

15. Metacognition and Reading Comprehension: Age and Gender Differences
Svjetlana Kolić-Vehovec, Igor Bajšanski, Barbara Rončević Zubković

16. Metacognition-Based Reading Intervention Programs Among Fourth-Grade Hungarian Students
Csaba Csíkos, János Steklács

17. Metacognition and Spelling Performance in College Students
Ruth Vanderswalmen, Joke Vrijders, Annemie Desoete

18. Computer Use in a Primary School: A Case-Study of Self-Regulated Learning
Lena Swalander, Anne-Mari Folkesson

19. University Teachers Engaged in Critical Self-Regulation: How May They Influence Their Students?
Kathryn Bartimote-Aufflick, Angela Brew, Mary Ainley

20. Metacognitive Knowledge of Decision-Making: An Explorative Study
Barbara Colombo, Paola Iannello, Alessandro Antonietti

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