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Table of contents

1. Reproductive Health After Cancer
Clarisa R. Gracia

2. Designing Follicle–Environment Interactions with Biomaterials
Rachel M. Smith, Teresa K. Woodruff, Lonnie D. Shea

3. Gamete Preservation
Susan L. Barrett, Teresa K. Woodruff

4. To Transplant or Not to Transplant – That Is the Question
Sherman J. Silber, Teresa K. Woodruff, Lonnie D. Shea

5. Clinical Cases in Oncofertility
Laxmi A. Kondapalli, Fanzhen Hong, Clarisa R. Gracia

6. Cancer Genetics: Risks and Mechanisms of Cancer in Women with Inherited Susceptibility to Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
Lee P. Shulman, Jeffrey S. Dungan

7. Protecting and Extending Fertility for Females of Wild and Endangered Mammals
Pierre Comizzoli, Nucharin Songsasen, David E. Wildt

8. Placing the History of Oncofertility
Sarah Rodriguez

9. Medical Hope, Legal Pitfalls: Potential Legal Issues in the Emerging Field of Oncofertility
Gregory Dolin, Dorothy E. Roberts, Lina M. Rodriguez, Teresa K. Woodruff

10. Domestic and International Surrogacy Laws: Implications for Cancer Survivors
Kiran Sreenivas, Lisa Campo-Engelstein

11. Adoption After Cancer: Adoption Agency Attitudes and Perspectives on the Potential to Parent Post-Cancer
Shauna L. Gardino, Andrew E. Russell, Teresa K. Woodruff

12. Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation and Bioethical Discourse
Cristina L.H. Traina

13. The Lessons of Oncofertility for Assisted Reproduction
Adrienne Asch

14. Morally Justifying Oncofertility Research
Carolyn McLeod

15. Ethical Dilemmas in Oncofertility: An Exploration of Three Clinical Scenarios
Clarisa R. Gracia, Jorge J.E. Gracia, Shasha Chen

16. Participation in Investigational Fertility Preservation Research: A Feminist Research Ethics Approach
Michelle L. McGowan

17. Reproductive ‘Choice’ and Egg Freezing
Angel Petropanagos

18. The Impact of Infertility: Why ART Should Be a Higher Priority for Women in the Global South
Amanda Fleetwood, Lisa Campo-Engelstein

19. Oncofertility and Informed Consent: Addressing Beliefs, Values, and Future Decision Making
Felicia Cohn

20. Bioethics and Oncofertility: Arguments and Insights from Religious Traditions
Laurie Zoloth, Alyssa A. Henning

21. Sacred Bodies: Considering Resistance to Oncofertility in Muslim Communities
Rumee Ahmed

22. Unlikely Motherhood in the Qur’ān: Oncofertility as Devotion
Ayesha S. Chaudhry

23. Technology and Wholeness: Oncofertility and Catholic Tradition
Paul Lauritzen

24. Jewish Perspectives on Oncofertility: The Complexities of Tradition
Laurie Zoloth

25. The Oncofertility Saturday Academy: A Paradigm to Expand the Educational Opportunities and Ambitions of High School Girls
Megan Faurot, Teresa K. Woodruff

26. MyOncofertility.org: A Web-Based Patient Education Resource Supporting Decision Making Under Severe Emotional and Cognitive Overload
Kemi Jona, Adam Gerber

27. Anticipating Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation in the Health-Care Marketplace: A Willingness to Pay Assessment
Shauna L. Gardino, Andrew Sfekas, David Dranove

28. Perspectives on Oncofertility from Demography and Economics
Rosalind Berkowitz King

29. For the Sake of Consistency and Fairness: Why Insurance Companies Should Cover Fertility Preservation Treatment for Iatrogenic Infertility
Lisa Campo-Engelstein

30. Healthcare Provider Perspectives on Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients
Caprice A. Knapp, Gwendolyn P. Quinn

31. Counseling and Consenting Women with Cancer on Their Oncofertility Options: A Clinical Perspective
Emily S. Jungheim, Kenneth R. Carson, Douglas Brown

32. The Fertility-Related Treatment Choices of Cancer Patients: Cancer-Related Infertility and Family Dynamics
Karrie Ann Snyder, May Kyaw Thazin, William B. Pearse, Mehwish Moinuddin

33. Whose Future Is It? Ethical Family Decision Making About Daughters’ Treatment in the Oncofertility Context
Kathleen M. Galvin, Marla L. Clayman

34. Choosing Life When Facing Death: Understanding Fertility Preservation Decision-Making for Cancer Patients
Shauna L. Gardino, Linda L. Emanuel

35. Discussing Fertility Preservation with Breast Cancer Patients
Jacqueline S. Jeruss

36. Warning: Google Can Be Hazardous to Your Health: Fertility Preservation Is an Important Part of Cancer Care
Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron

37. The Role of a Patient Navigator in Fertility Preservation
Jill Scott-Trainer

38. Judaism and Reproductive Technology
Sherman J. Silber

39. Reading Between the Lines of Cancer and Fertility: A Provider’s Story
Leonard S. Sender

40. A Rewarding Experience for a Pediatric Urologist
Margarett Shnorhavorian

41. Final Thoughts
Laurie Zoloth

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Oncology, Ethics, Quality of Life Research

Publication year
Cancer Treatment and Research
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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