Ball, V. Eldon

The Economic Impact of Public Support to Agriculture

Ball, V. Eldon - The Economic Impact of Public Support to Agriculture, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction and Overview
V. Eldon Ball, Roberto Fanfani, Luciano Gutierrez

2. Recent Developments and Applications from the OECD Toolbox
Carmel Cahill, Roger Martini

3. US and EU Agricultural Policy: Divergence or Convergence?
Andrew Schmitz, Troy G. Schmitz

4. The “Health Check” of the CAP Reform: Lessons from Its Impact Assessment
Tassos Haniotis

5. The Incidence of US Farm Programs
Julian M. Alston

6. Impact of Subsidies on Farm Productivity and Efficiency
Subal C. Kumbhakar, Gudbrand Lien

7. Productivity and Profitability of US Agriculture: Evidence from a Panel of States
V. Eldon Ball, Rolf Färe, Shawna Grosskopf, Dimitri Margaritis

8. Biofuels Expansion in a Changing Economic Environment: A Global Modeling Perspective
May Peters, Richard Stillman, Agapi Somwaru

9. Ethanol and Corn Prices: The Role of US Tax Credits, Mandates, and Imports
Harry Gorter, David R. Just

10. Modeling the Effects of U.S. Biofuel Policies on Commodity and Energy Markets
C. S. Kim, Glenn Schaible, Stan Daberkow

11. Biofuels Versus Food Competition for Agricultural Resources: Impacts on the EU Farming Systems
Massimo Canali, Maurizio Aragrande

12. WTO Compliance and Domestic Farm Policy Change
Tim Josling

13. Agricultural Competitiveness
V. Eldon Ball, J.-P. Butault, Carlos San Juan, Ricardo Mora

14. The Behavior of Relative Food Prices: An Analysis across the European Countries
Luciano Gutierrez, Cristina Brasili, Roberto Fanfani

15. The Political Economy of the US Crop Insurance Program
Bruce A. Babcock

16. Aggregation and Arbitrage in Joint Production
V. Eldon Ball, Ricardo Cavazos, Jeffrey LaFrance, Rulon Pope, Jesse Tack

17. Standard and Bayesian Random Coefficient Model Estimation of US Corn–Soybean Farmer Risk Attitudes
Michael Livingston, Ken Erickson, Ashok Mishra

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Agricultural Economics, Economic Policy

Publication year
Studies in Productivity and Efficiency

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