Vidal, Cecilio J.

Post-Translational Modifications in Health and Disease

Vidal, Cecilio J. - Post-Translational Modifications in Health and Disease, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Isoprenoid Modifications
Uyen T. T. Nguyen, Andrew Goodall, Kirill Alexandrov, Daniel Abankwa

2. GPI-Anchored Proteins in Health and Disease
David R. Taylor, Nigel M. Hooper

3. Protein Oxidation
C. Quiney, S. Finnegan, G. Groeger, T. G. Cotter

4. Involvement of S-Nitrosylation in Neurodegeneration
Yihang Li, Kenny K. K. Chung

5. Protein Glysosylation and Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation
Eva Morava, Dirk J. Lefeber, Ron A. Wevers

6. Defective Glycosylation of Dystroglycan in Muscular Dystrophy and Cancer
Federica Montanaro, Paul T. Martin

7. Protein Kinase A: The Enzyme and Cyclic AMP Signaling
Maria Nesterova, Constantine A. Stratakis

8. The Protein Kinase C Family: Key Regulators Bridging Signaling Pathways in Skin and Tumor Epithelia
Dirk Breitkreutz, Liora Braiman-Wiksman, Nicole Daum, Tamar Tennenbaum

9. Maintaining Energy Balance in Health and Disease: Role of the AMP-Activated Protein Kinase
John W. Scott

10. Protein Phosphatases in the Brain: Regulation, Function and Disease
Ry Y. Tweedie-Cullen, C. Sehwan Park, Isabelle M. Mansuy

11. Covalent Protein Modification as a Mechanism for Dynamic Recruitment of Specific Interactors
Nicholas R. Bertos, Veena Sangwan, Xiang-Jiao Yang, Morag Park

12. Regulation of Gene Expression by the Ubiquitin–Proteasome System and Implications for Neurological Disease
Lisa Lukaesko, Robert Meller

13. Small Ubiquitin-Like Modifiers and Other Ubiquitin-Like Proteins
Martijn Hagen, Alfred C. O. Vertegaal

14. ER-associated Degradation and Its Involvement in Human Disease: Insights from Yeast
Nathalie Campagnolo, Michel Ghislain

15. Regulation of Chromatin Structure and Transcription Via Histone Modifications
Kajan Ratnakumar, Avnish Kapoor, Emily Bernstein

16. Chromatin: The Entry to and Exit from DNA Repair
Anastas Gospodinov, Zdenko Herceg

17. Poly(ADP-Ribosyl)ation of Chromosomal Proteins, Epigenetic Regulation and Human Genomic Integrity in Health and Disease
Rafael Alvarez-Gonzalez

18. Post-translational Proteolytic Processing on Intracellular Proteins by Cathepsins and Cystatins
Nobuhiko Katunuma, Masae Takahashi, Tadashi Tezuka

19. Metalloproteases and Proteolytic Processing
Anthony J. Turner, Natalia N. Nalivaeva

Keywords: Life Sciences, Biochemistry, general, Animal Biochemistry, Medical Biochemistry, Cell Biology

Publication year
Protein Reviews
Page amount
13 pages
Natural Sciences

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