Alladi, Krishnaswami

The Legacy of Alladi Ramakrishnan in the Mathematical Sciences

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Table of contents

Part I. The Legacy of Alladi Ramakrishnan

1. Contributions of Alladi Ramakrishnan to the Mathematical Sciences
Krishnaswami Alladi

2. Alladi Ramakrishnan’s Theoretical Physics Seminar
Krishnaswami Alladi

3. Telegrams Received for the MATSCIENCE Inauguration
Krishnaswami Alladi

4. The Miracle has Happened
Alladi Ramakrishnan

5. Overseas Trips of Alladi Ramakrishnan
Krishnaswami Alladi

6. List of Publications of Alladi Ramakrishnan
Krishnaswami Alladi, John R. Klauder, Calyampudi R. Rao

7. List of PhD Students of Alladi Ramakrishnan
Krishnaswami Alladi, John R. Klauder, Calyampudi R. Rao

Part II. Pure Mathematics

8. Inversion and Invariance of Characteristic Terms: Part I
Shreeram S. Abhyankar

9. Partitions with Non-Repeating Odd Parts and Q-Hypergeometric Identities
Krishnaswami Alladi

q-Catalan Identities
George E. Andrews

11. Completing Brahmagupta’s Extension of Ptolemy’s Theorem
Richard Askey

12. A Transformation Formula Involving the Gamma and Riemann Zeta Functions in Ramanujan’s Lost Notebook
Bruce C. Berndt, Atul Dixit

13. Ternary Quadratic Forms, Modular Equations, and Certain Positivity Conjectures
Alexander Berkovich, William C. Jagy

14. How Often is n! a Sum of Three Squares?
Jean-Marc Deshouillers, Florian Luca

15. Eulerian Polynomials: From Euler’s Time to the Present
Dominique Foata

16. Crystal Symmetry Viewed as Zeta Symmetry II
Shigeru Kanemitsu, Haruo Tsukada

17. Positive Homogeneous Minima for a System of Linear Forms
Srinivasacharya Raghavan

18. The Divisor Matrix, Dirichlet Series, and SL(2, Z)
Peter Sin, John G. Thompson

19. Proof of a Conjecture of Alladi Ramakrishnan on Circulants
Michel Waldschmidt

Part III. Probability and Statistics

20. Branching Random Walks
K. B. Athreya

21. A Commentary on the Logistic Distribution
Malay Ghosh, Kwok Pui Choi, Jialiang Li

22. Entropy and Cross Entropy: Characterizations and Applications
C. R. Rao

23. Optimal Weights for a Class of Rank Tests for Censored Bivariate Data
Samuel S. Wu, P. V. Rao, Aparna Raychaudhuri

24. Connections Between Bernoulli Strings and Random Permutations
Jayaram Sethuraman, Sunder Sethuraman

25. Storage Models for a Class of Master Equations with Separable Kernels
P. R. Vittal, S. Jayasankar, V. Muralidhar

Part IV. Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics

26. Inverse Consistent Deformable Image Registration
Yunmei Chen, Xiaojing Ye

27. A Statistical Model for the Quark Structure of the Nucleon
V. Devanathan, S. Karthiyayini

28. On Generalized Clifford Algebras and their Physical Applications
Ramaswamy Jagannathan

29. (p, q)-Rogers-Szegö Polynomial and the (p, q)-Oscillator
Ramaswamy Jagannathan, Raghavendra Sridhar

30. Rethinking Renormalization
John R. Klauder

31. Magnetism, FeS Colloids, and Origins of Life
Gargi Mitra-Delmotte, A. N. Mitra

32. The Ehrenfest Theorem in Quantum Field Theory
Ragavachariar Parthasarathy

Keywords: Mathematics, Algebra, Number Theory, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics

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