Colliot-Thélène, Jean-Louis

Quadratic Forms, Linear Algebraic Groups, and Cohomology

Colliot-Thélène, Jean-Louis - Quadratic Forms, Linear Algebraic Groups, and Cohomology, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Multiples of forms
Eva Bayer-Fluckiger

2. On Saltman’s p-Adic Curves Papers
Eric Brussel

3. Serre’s Conjecture II: A Survey
Philippe Gille

4. Field Patching, Factorization, and Local–Global Principles
Daniel Krashen

5. Deformation Theory and Rational Points on Rationally Connected Varieties
Max Lieblich

6. Recent Progress on the Kato Conjecture
Shuji Saito

7. Elliptic Curves and Iwasawa’s µ = 0 Conjecture
R. Sujatha

8. Cohomological Invariants of Central Simple Algebras with Involution
Jean-Pierre Tignol

9. Witt Groups of Varieties and the Purity Problem
Kirill Zainoulline

10. Some Extensions and Applications of the Eisenstein Irreducibility Criterion
Anuj Bishnoi, Sudesh K. Khanduja

11. On the Kernel of the Rost Invariant for E
8 Modulo 3
Vladimir Chernousov

12. Une version du théorème d’Amer et Brumer pour les zéro-cycles
Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène, Marc Levine

13. Quaternion Algebras with the Same Subfields
Skip Garibaldi, David J. Saltman

14. Lifting of Coefficients for Chow Motives of Quadrics
Olivier Haution

15. Upper Motives of Outer Algebraic Groups
Nikita A. Karpenko

16. Triality and étale algebras
Max-Albert Knus, Jean-Pierre Tignol

17. Remarks on Unimodular Rows
N. Mohan Kumar, M. Pavaman Murthy

18. Vector Bundles Generated by Sections and Morphisms to Grassmannians
F. Laytimi, D. S. Nagaraj

19. Adams Operations and the Brown-Gersten-Quillen Spectral Sequence
Alexander Merkurjev

20. Non-self-dual Stably Free Modules
Madhav V. Nori, Ravi A. Rao, Richard G. Swan

21. Homotopy Invariance of the Sheaf W
Nis and of Its Cohomology
I. Panin

22. Imbedding Quasi-split Groups in Isotropic Groups
M. S. Raghunathan

Keywords: Mathematics, Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Category Theory, Homological Algebra, General Algebraic Systems

Publication year
Developments in Mathematics
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10 pages
Natural Sciences

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