Smith, Joshua R.

Wirelessly Powered Sensor Networks and Computational RFID

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Range Scaling of Wirelessly Powered Sensor Systems
Joshua R. Smith

2. History of the WISP Program
Joshua R. Smith

Part II. Hardware Platforms

3. The Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform
Alanson P. Sample, Joshua R. Smith

4. SOCWISP: A 9 μA, Addressable Gen2 Sensor Tag for Biosignal Acquisition
Daniel Yeager, Fan Zhang, Azin Zarrasvand, Nicole George, Thomas Daniel, Brian Otis

5. Battery-less Wireless Sensors Based on Low Power UHF RFID Tags
Roc Berenguer, Iván Rebollo, Ibon Zalbide, Iñaki Fernández

Part III. Communication and Tools

6. Passive RFID-Based Wake-Up Radios for Wireless Sensor Networks
He Ba, Jeff Parvin, Luis Soto, Ilker Demirkol, Wendi Heinzelman

7. BAT: Backscatter Anything-to-Tag Communication
Andrés Molina–Markham, Shane S. Clark, Benjamin Ransford, Kevin Fu

8. Implementing the Gen 2 MAC on the Intel-UW WISP
Michael Buettner, David Wetherall

9. WISP Monitoring and Debugging
Richa Prasad, Michael Buettner, Ben Greenstein, David Wetherall

Part IV. Cryptography and Security for Computational RFID

10. Maximalist Cryptography and Computation on the WISP UHF RFID Tag
Hee-Jin Chae, Mastooreh Salajegheh, Daniel J. Yeager, Joshua R. Smith, Kevin Fu

11. Security Enhanced WISPs: Implementation Challenges
Alexander Szekely, Michael Höfler, Robert Stögbuchner, Manfred Aigner

Part V. Wireless Power Beyond RFID

12. Power Optimized Waveforms that Enhance the Range of Energy-Harvesting Sensors
Matthew S. Trotter, Gregory D. Durgin

13. Wireless Ambient Radio Power
Alanson P. Sample, Aaron N. Parks, Scott Southwood, Joshua R. Smith

14. A Portable Transmitter for Wirelessly Powering a Ventricular Assist Device Using the Free-Range Resonant Electrical Energy Delivery (FREE-D) System
Benjamin H. Waters, Jordan T. Reed, Kara R. Kagi, Alanson P. Sample, Pramod Bonde, Joshua R. Smith

Part VI. Systems and Applications

15. PORFIDO: Using Neutrino Telescopes and RFID to Gather Oceanographic Data
Orlando Ciaffoni, Marco Cordelli, Roberto Habel, Agnese Martini, Luciano Trasatti

16. RFID-Vox: A Tribute to Leon Theremin
Pavel V. Nikitin, Aaron Parks, Joshua R. Smith

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks

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