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Evolutionary Psychology and Information Systems Research

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Table of contents

1. Evolutionary Psychology and Information Systems Theorizing
Ned Kock

2. Group-Level Evolution and Information Systems: What Can We Learn From Animal Colonies in Nature?
Jaana Porra

3. Applying Evolutionary Psychology to the Study of Post-adoption Information Technology Use: Reinforcement, Extension, or Revolution?
Ana Ortiz Guinea, M. Lynne Markus

4. The Behavioral Ecology of Human Foraging in an Online Environment: Of Omnivores, Informavores, and Hunter–Gatherers
Donald A. Hantula

5. Surprise and Human Evolution: How a Snake Screen Enhanced Knowledge Transfer Through a Web Interface
Ned Kock, Ruth Chatelain-Jardón, Jesus Carmona

6. How Do e-Learners Participate in Synchronous Online Discussions? Evolutionary and Social Psychological Perspectives
Stefan Hrastinski

7. Who Is in Your Shopping Cart? Expected and Experienced Effects of Choice Abundance in the Online Dating Context
Alison P. Lenton, Barbara Fasolo, Peter M. Todd

8. Cognitive Adaptation and Collective Action: The P2P File-Sharing Phenomenon
Henry F. Lyle, Roger J. Sullivan

9. Studying Invisibly: Media Naturalness and Learning
Ina Blau, Avner Caspi

10. Using Evolutionary Psychology to Extend Our Understanding of Fit and Human Drives in Information Systems (IS) Utilization Decisions and Performance
Chon Abraham, Iris Junglas

11. The Interaction of Communication Medium and Management Control Systems in the Processes and Outcomes of Transfer Price Negotiations
Penelope Sue Greenberg, Ralph H. Greenberg, Sakthi Mahenthiran

12. A Research Model for Online Social Behavior Based on an Evolutionary, Social Psychological, and Technological Approach
Ahmed Y. Mahfouz, Antonis Theocharous, Andreas G. Philaretou

13. Costly Traits and e-Collaboration: The Importance of Oral Speech in Electronic Knowledge Communication
Ned Kock

Homo Virtualensis: Evolutionary Psychology as a Tool for Studying Video Games
Zack Mendenhall, Gad Saad, Marcelo Vinhal Nepomuceno

15. The Modern Hunter–Gatherer Hunts Aliens and Gathers Power-Ups: The Evolutionary Appeal of Violent Video Games and How They Can Be Beneficial
Christopher J. Ferguson

16. Three Roads to Cultural Recurrence
Robert Aunger

17. Evolution as Metaphor: A Critical Review of the Use of Evolutionary Concepts in Information Systems and e-Commerce
Bernd Carsten Stahl

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Business Information Systems, Information Systems and Communication Service, Cognitive Psychology

Publication year
Integrated Series in Information Systems
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22 pages

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