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Front Line Surgery

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Table of contents

1. Prehospital and Enroute Care
Ian Wedmore

2. Combat Triage and Mass Casualty Management
John J. Lammie, Joseph G. Kotora, Jamie C. Riesberg

3. Initial Management Priorities: Beyond ABCDE
Alec C. Beekley

4. Damage Control Resuscitation
John B. Holcomb, Timothy C. Nunez

5. To Operate or Image? (Pulling the Trigger)
Matthew J. Martin

6. Ultrasound in Combat Trauma
Benjamin Harrison

7. The Bowel: Contamination, Colostomies, and Combat Surgery
Eric K. Johnson, Scott R. Steele

8. Liver and Spleen Injury Management in Combat (Old School)
Brian Eastridge, Lorne Blackbourne

9. Pancreatic and Duodenal Injuries (Sleep When You Can…)
Tommy A. Brown

10. Operative Management of Renal Injuries
Carlos V. R. Brown

11. Major Abdominal Vascular Trauma
Niten Singh

12. To Close or Not to Close: Managing the Open Abdomen
Craig D. Shriver, Amy Vertrees

13. Choice of Thoracic Incision
Jeffrey A. Bailey

14. Lung Injuries in Combat
Michael S. Meyer, Matthew J. Martin

15. Diagnosis and Management of Penetrating Cardiac Injury
Keith A. Havenstrite

16. Thoracic Vascular Injuries: Operative Management in “Enemy” Territory
Benjamin W. Starnes

17. Chest Wall and Diaphragm Injury
Alec C. Beekley

18. Soft Tissue Wounds and Fasciotomies
Peter Rhee, Maj. Joe DuBose

19. Extremity Injuries and Open Fractures
Richard C. Rooney

20. Mangled Extremities and Amputations
Eric G. Puttler, Stephen A. Parada

21. Peripheral Vascular Injuries
Charles J. Fox

22. The Neck
John Oh

23. Genitourinary Injuries (Excluding Kidney)
Andrew C. Peterson

24. Neurosurgery for Dummies
Hans Bakken

25. Spine Injuries
Matthew J. Martin, Richard C. Rooney

26. Face, Eye, and Ear Injuries
Tate L. Viehweg

27. Burn Care in the Field Hospital
Evan M. Renz

28. The Pediatric Patient in Wartime
Kenneth S. Azarow, Philip C. Spinella

29. The Combat ICU Team
Kurt W. Grathwohl

30. Postoperative Resuscitation
Martin A. Schreiber, Richard A. Nahouraii

31. Monitoring
Alec C. Beekley, Jay Johannigman

32. Ventilator Management
Alexander S. Niven, Paul B. Kettle

33. Practical Approach to Combat-Related Infections and Antibiotics
Clinton K. Murray

34. Stabilization and Transfer from the Far Forward Environment
Shawn C. Nessen

35. Humanitarian and Local National Care
James Sebesta

36. Expectant and End of Life Care in a Combat Zone
Robert M. Rush, Matthew J. Martin

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgery, Abdominal Surgery, General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Traumatic Surgery, Emergency Medicine

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