Dirbas, Frederick

Breast Surgical Techniques and Interdisciplinary Management

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Table of contents

1. Professionalism in the Approach to the Patient
Martin J. O’Sullivan, Monica Morrow

2. The Clinical Breast Cancer Team
Amrit Mangat, Nora Hansen

3. The Role of the Specialist Breast Nurse
Rosalind Dolores Benedet

4. Social Work and Breast Cancer Care
Hester Hill Schnipper

5. Reducing Medical Malpractice Risk in Breast Cancer Care: A Surgical Perspective
Carl A. Bertelsen, Cyrus A. Tabari

6. Career Development for Breast Surgical Oncology
Henry M. Kuerer

7. Successful Management of a Breast Surgery Practice
Charles D. Mabry

8. Normal Morphology, Physiological Changes, and Benign Breast Disease
Catherine N. Chinyama

9. The Biology of Breast Cancer
Julie A. Guidroz, Ronald J. Weigel

10. Obtaining a History and Performing the Clinical Breast Examination
Richard J. Bleicher

11. Primer on Ultrasound for the Breast Surgeon
Edgar D. Staren, Jay K. Harness, Eric B. Whitacre

12. The Complete Radiology Workup
Judy C. Boughey

13. Identification and Management of Women at High Familial Risk for Breast Cancer
Allison W. Kurian, James M. Ford

14. Clinical Management of Breast Pain
Antonio V. Millet, Antonio Leal, Frederick M. Dirbas

15. Breast Mass
Anne Campbell Larkin

16. Breast Infection
J. Michael Dixon, Robert G. Hardy

17. The Evaluation and Treatment of Nipple Discharge
Meredith Kato, Rache M. Simmons

18. Gynecomastia
Kari J. Thompson, Jason J. Marengo, Anne M. Wallace

19. The Effects of Menopausal Hormone Therapy on Breast Cancer: Evidence from the Women’s Health Initiative Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trials
Marcia L. Stefanick

20. Office-Based Diagnostic Procedures
Cassandra E. Chow, Frederick M. Dirbas

21. Image-Guided Breast Biopsy
Venita Chandra, Frederick M. Dirbas, Debra M. Ikeda

22. Breast Biopsy Techniques
Alicia Growney, Lisa A. Newman

23. Mammary Ductoscopy
William C. Dooley

24. Assessment of Extent of Disease in Primary Breast Cancer
Melinda L. Telli, Alice E. Guardino

25. Breast Cancer Staging: Predicting Outcome and Response to Treatment
Stephen B. Edge, Robert W. Carlson

26. Breast Cancer Treatment Guidelines
Robert W. Carlson, Stephen B. Edge

27. Introduction to Gene Expression Profiling in Breast Cancer
Frederick M. Dirbas, Christos Sotiriou

28. Clinical Trial Overview and Enrollment
Barbara L. Smith

29. Psychiatric and Psychological Issues
David Spiegel

30. Fertility Issues for Newly Diagnosed Women Interested in Child Bearing: Strategies and Options
Sharon E. Moayeri, Lynn M. Westphal

31. Regional Anesthesia for Breast Surgery
Robert M. Raw

32. Lumpectomy
Armando E. Giuliano, Helen Mabry

33. Oncoplastic Techniques for Breast Conservation Surgery
Chin-Yau Chen, Kristine E. Calhoun, Benjamin O. Anderson

34. Ablative Therapies
Lorraine Tafra, Zandra Cheng

35. Mastectomy
Ching-Wei D. Tzeng, J. Harrison Howard, Kirby I. Bland

36. Nipple and Areola-Sparing Mastectomy
Meredith Kato, Rache M. Simmons

37. Integration of Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy into Surgical Practice
Henry M. Kuerer

38. Oncologic Breast Reconstruction: Principles and Practice
Gordon K. Lee, Drew J. Davis, Ali Salim, Geoffrey C. Gurtner

39. Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: An Overview
Amanda L. Kong, Rosa F. Hwang

40. Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Radiotracer Technique at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Amit Goyal, Hiram S. Cody

41. Sentinel Node Biopsy Using Lymphazurin
Helen Mabry, Armando E. Giuliano

42. The Use of Methylene Blue as a Tracer Agent in Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
Christine Dauphine, Hernan I. Vargas

43. Axillary Lymph Node Dissection
Ted A. James, David N. Krag

44. Evaluation and Management of Women Presenting with Breast Symptoms During Pregnancy
Faina Nahklis, J. Dirk Iglehart

45. Paget’s Disease of the Breast
Chin-Yau Chen, Kristin E. Calhoun, Benjamin O. Anderson

46. Male Breast Cancer
Tracey Irvine, Ian S. Fentiman

47. Breast Sarcomas
Anne Marie Wallace, Bret R. Baack, Claire F. Verschraegen

48. Axillary Metastases with Unknown Primary
Ted A. James, David N. Krag

49. Breast Cytology
Kristin C. Jensen, Christina S. Kong

50. The Breast Pathology Report
Shahla Masood

51. Risk Lesions of the Breast: Usual Ductal Hyperplasia, Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia, Lobular Neoplasia, and the Spectrum of Columnar Cell Alterations
Reetesh Pai, Gerald J. Berry

52. Duct Carcinoma In Situ: A Gordian Knot Untied
Michael D. Lagios

53. Pathology: Invasive Carcinoma
Alexandra Shaye Brown, W. Fraser Symmans

54. Interpreting Breast Pathology in the Setting of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
Sunati Sahoo, Susan C. Lester

55. Pathology of Sentinel Lymph Nodes and Axillary Nodes
Chandandeep S. Nagi, Ira J. Bleiweiss

56. Selected Fibroepithelial, Mesenchymal, and Hematolymphoid Tumors of the Breast
Reetesh Pai, David Gardner, Gerald J. Berry

57. Banking Tissue Specimens for Research
Jonathan R. Pollack

58. Basic Principles of Antineoplastic Therapies
Tufia Haddad, Douglas Yee

59. Neoadjuvant Endocrine Therapy in the Treatment of Early-Stage Breast Cancer
E. Shelley Hwang, Eric Jelin

60. Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy for Breast Cancer
Ana M. Gonzalez-Angulo, Gabriel N. Hortobagyi

61. Adjuvant Systemic Therapy
Thomas Lowe, George Somlo

62. Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy
Harold J. Burstein

63. Systemic Treatment During Pregnancy
Jennifer K. Litton, Richard L. Theriault

64. Breast Cancer in the Elderly
Todd J. Whitman, Hyman B. Muss

65. Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Breast Cancer
Debu Tripathy

66. Basic Principles of Radiobiology
Kathleen C. Horst, Amato J. Giaccia

67. Whole Breast Radiotherapy
Elizabeth S. Bloom, Thomas A. Buchholz

68. Accelerated, Partial Breast Irradiation Overview
Amanda J. Wheeler, Frederick M. Dirbas, Kathleen C. Horst

69. PBI: Brachytherapy Techniques
Robert R. Kuske

70. Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation: Balloon Catheter Brachytherapy
Victor J. Zannis

71. APBI 3D Conformal External Beam: The NYU Technique
Daniela Gidea-Addeo, Silvia C. Formenti

72. Accelerated, Partial Breast Irradiation with Intraoperative Radiotherapy
Jennifer Baynosa, Kathleen C. Horst, Frederick M. Dirbas

73. Postmastectomy Radiation Therapy
Reshma Jagsi, Lori J. Pierce

74. Regional Nodal Radiation as an Alternative to Surgery
Krystyna Kiel

75. Controversial Indications for Breast Conserving Therapy and Radiation
Bruce G. Haffty

76. Survivorship
Lillie Shockney

77. Follow-Up Strategies After Breast Cancer Treatment
Cathie T. Chung, George Somlo

78. Pregnancy After Breast Cancer
Kathryn J. Ruddy, Ann H. Partridge

79. The Potential of the Electronic Health Record in the Breast Center
Kevin S. Hughes, Mahmoud El-Tamer, Sherwood Hughes, Brian Drohan, John Sharko, Christine Lawrence, Andrea Loberg, Georges Grinstein

80. Clinical Breast Examination After Treatment of Breast Cancer
William H. Goodson

81. Breast Imaging Following Breast Conservation Therapy
Robert Gutierrez, Kathleen C. Horst, Frederick M. Dirbas, Debra M. Ikeda

82. Detection and Management of Ipsilateral Breast Cancer Recurrence
David Kwon, Lisa A. Newman

83. Lumpectomy or Mastectomy in Patients Presenting with Metastatic Disease
Georges Vlastos, Elisabetta Rapiti, Helena M. Verkooijen, Christine Bouchardy

84. Managing Breast Cancer-Associated Lymphedema
Stanley G. Rockson

85. Chronic Pain After Surgery for Breast Cancer
Peter Barelka, Ian R. Carroll

86. Systemic Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer
Leona Downey, Robert B. Livingston

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