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Advances in Speech Recognition

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Table of contents

1. “Life on-the-Go”: The Role of Speech Technology in Mobile Applications
William Meisel

2. “Striking a Healthy Balance”: Speech Technology in the Mobile Ecosystem
Scott Taylor

3. “Why Tap When You Can Talk?”: Designing Multimodal Interfaces for Mobile Devices that Are Effective, Adaptive and Satisfying to the User
Mike Phillips, John Nguyen, Ali Mischke

4. “Your Word is my Command”: Google Search by Voice: A Case Study
Johan Schalkwyk, Doug Beeferman, Françoise Beaufays, Bill Byrne, Ciprian Chelba, Mike Cohen, Maryam Kamvar, Brian Strope

5. “Well Adjusted”: Using Robust and Flexible Speech Recognition Capabilities in Clean to Noisy Mobile Environments
Sid-Ahmed Selouani

6. “It’s the Best of All Possible Worlds”: Leveraging Multimodality to Improve Call Center Productivity
Matthew Yuschik

7. “How am I Doing?”: A New Framework to Effectively Measure the Performance of Automated Customer Care Contact Centers
David Suendermann, Jackson Liscombe, Roberto Pieraccini, Keelan Evanini

8. “Great Expectations”: Making use of Callers’ Experiences from Everyday Life to Design a Satisfying Speech-only Interface for the Call Center
Stephen Springer

9. “For Heaven’s Sake, Gimme a Live Person!” Designing Emotion-Detection Customer Care Voice Applications in Automated Call Centers
Alexander Schmitt, Roberto Pieraccini, Tim Polzehl

10. “The Truth is Out There”: Using Advanced Speech Analytics to Learn Why Customers Call Help-line Desks and How Effectively They Are Being Served by the Call Center Agent
Marsal Gavalda, Jeff Schlueter

11. Dr. “Multi-Task”: Using Speech to Build Up Electronic Medical Records While Caring for Patients
John Shagoury

12. “Hands Free”: Adapting the Task–Technology-Fit Model and Smart Data to Validate End-User Acceptance of the Voice Activated Medical Tracking Application (VAMTA) in the United States Military
James A. Rodger, James A. George

13. “You’re as Sick as You Sound”: Using Computational Approaches for Modeling Speaker State to Gauge Illness and Recovery
Julia Hirschberg, Anna Hjalmarsson, Noémie Elhadad

14. “Cry Baby”: Using Spectrographic Analysis to Assess Neonatal Health Status from an Infant’s Cry
Hemant A. Patil

Keywords: Engineering, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Language Translation and Linguistics, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction

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26 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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