Morgan, Antony

Health Assets in a Global Context

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Table of contents

1. Revitalising the Public Health Evidence Base: An Asset Model
Antony Morgan, Erio Ziglio

2. A Salutogenic Approach to Tackling Health Inequalities
Bengt Lindström, Monica Eriksson

3. A Theoretical Model of Assets: The Link Between Biology and the Social Structure
Michael P. Kelly

4. Asset Mapping in Communities
John McKnight

5. Assets Based Interventions: Evaluating and Synthesizing Evidence of the Effectiveness of the Assets Based Approach to Health Promotion
Marcia Hills, Simon Carroll, Sylvie Desjardins

6. Resilience as an Asset for Healthy Development
Mel Bartley, Ingrid Schoon, Richard Mitchell, David Blane

7. How to Assess Resilience: Reflections on a Measurement Model
Nora Wille, Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer

8. Measuring Children’s Well-Being: Some Problems and Possibilities
Virginia Morrow, Berry Mayall

9. The Relationship Between Health Assets, Social Capital and Cohesive Communities
Ichiro Kawachi

10. Community Empowerment and Health Improvement: The English Experience
Jennie Popay

11. Strengthening the Assets of Women Living in Disadvantaged Situations: The German Experience
Alfred Rütten, Karim Abu-Omar, Sabine Seidenstücker, Sabine Mayer

12. Sustainable Community-Based Health and Development Programs in Rural India
Alok Mukhopadhyay, Anjali Gupta

13. The Application and Evaluation of an Assets-Based Model in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Experience with the Healthy Settings Approach
Maria C. Franceschini, Marilyn Rice, Cristina Raquel C. Garcia

14. Parents and Communities’ Assets to Control Under-Five Child Malaria in Rural Benin, West Africa
David Houéto, Alain Deccache

15. Strengthening Asset Focused Policy Making in Hungary
Péter Makara, Zsófia Németh, Ágnes Taller

16. How Forms of Social Capital Can Be an Asset for Promoting Health Equity
Fran Baum

17. Internal and External Assets and Romanian Adolescents’ Health: An Evidence-Based Approach to Health Promoting Schools Policy
Adriana Baban, Catrinel Craciun

18. Bringing It All Together: The Salutogenic Response to Some of the Most Pertinent Public Health Dilemmas
Monica Eriksson, Bengt Lindström

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Health Administration

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38 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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