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Selected Works of Debabrata Basu

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Table of contents

1. Basu’s Work on Randomization and Data Analysis
George Casella*, Vikneswaran Gopal

2. Basu on Ancillarity
Philip Dawid

3. Conditional Inference by Estimation of a Marginal Distribution
Thomas J. DiCiccio, G. Alastair Young

4. Basu’s Theorem
Malay Ghosh

5. Basu’s Work on Likelihood and Information
Joseph B. Kadane

6. Basu on Survey Sampling
Glen Meeden

7. Commentary on Basu (1956)
Robert J. Serfling

8. Commentary on A Note on the Dirichlet Process

Jayaram Sethuraman

9. Commentary on D. Basu’s Papers on Sufficiency and Related Topics
T.P. Speed

10. Basu on Randomization Tests
A.H. Welsh

11. Basu on Survey Sampling
A.H. Welsh

12. On Symmetric Estimators in Point Estimation with Convex Weight Functions
D. Basu

13. An Inconsistency of the Method of Maximum Likelihood
D. Basu

14. On Statistics Independent of a Complete Sufficient Statistic
D. Basu

15. The Concept of Asymptotic Efficiency
D. Basu

16. On Statistics Independent of Sufficient Statistics
D. Basu

17. On Sampling with and Without Replacement
D. Basu

18. The Family of Ancillary Statistics
D. Basu

19. Recovery of Ancillary Information*
D. Basu

20. Problems Relating to the Existence of Maximal and Minimal Elements in Some Families of Statistics (Subfields)
D. Basu

21. Invariant Sets for Translation-Parameter Families of Measures
D. Basu, J. K. Ghosh

22. Role of the Sufficiency and Likelihood Principles in Sample Survey Theory*
D. Basu

23. On Sufficiency and Invariance
D. Basu*

24. An Essay on the Logical Foundations of Survey Sampling, Part One*
D. Basu

25. Statistical Information and Likelihood*
D. Basu

26. On the Elimination of Nuisance Parameters
Debabrata Basu

27. On Partial Sufficiency: A Review*
D. Basu**

28. Randomization Analysis of Experimental Data: The Fisher Randomization Test
D. Basu*

29. Ancillary Statistics, Pivotal Quantities and Confidence Statements
Anirban DasGupta

30. A Note on Sufficiency in Coherent Models
D. Basu, S.C. Cheng

31. A Note on the Dirichlet Processs
D. Basu, R. C. Tiwari

32. Conditional Independence in Statistics
D. Basu*, Carlos A. B. Pereira**

33. A Note on Blackwell Sufficiency and a Skibinsky Characterization of Distributions
D. Basu*, Carols A.B Pereira**

34. Learning Statistics from Counter Examples: Ancillary Statistics
D. Basu*

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods

Publication year
Selected Works in Probability and Statistics
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27 pages
Natural Sciences

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