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Handbook of Genomics and the Family

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Table of contents

1. Key Concepts in Human Genomics and Epidemiology
Offie P. Soldin, Christopher A. Loffredo

2. Psychological Genetics: Understanding the Nature of Psychological Differences Through Etiology
Kristian E. Markon

3. Understanding Gene, Environment, and Gene × Environment Interaction Effects: The Example of Childhood Externalizing Disorders
Hilah Evrony, Jennifer Ulbricht, Jenae M. Neiderhiser

4. Process in Genetic Counseling: Considerations for Children and Their Families
Julianne M. O’Daniel, Allyn Mcconkie-Rosell

5. Genomics and the Family: Integrative Frameworks
Marcia Riper

6. Potential Impact of Genomic Information on Childhood Sibling Relationships
Joanna Fanos, Lori Wiener, Tara Brennan

7. Family Communication of Genomic Information
Brenda J. Wilson, Holly Etchegary

8. Conveying Genetic Risk to Teenagers
Isaac M. Lipkus

9. Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis
Kelly E. Ormond

10. Single Gene Disease Risk
Tricia See, Cynthia J. Tifft

11. Hereditary Cancer Risk
Jennifer E. Axilbund, Beth N. Peshkin

12. Type 1 Diabetes Risk
Suzanne Bennett Johnson

13. Cardiovascular Disease Risk
Suma Potiny, Sarah Clauss

14. Obesity Risk
Saskia C. Sanderson, Myles S. Faith

15. Tobacco and Alcohol Use Behaviors
Nicole R. Hoft, Joseph T. Sakai, Marissa A. Ehringer

16. Childhood Neuropsychiatric Risk
Josephine Elia, Karin Borgmann-Winter, Dorothy Grice

17. Genomic Risk Information for Common Health Conditions: Maximizing Kinship-Based Health Promotion
Laura M. Koehly, Colleen M. Mcbride

18. Pediatric Pharmacogenomics
Ning Wang, Dennis Drotar, Gurjit K. Khurana Hershey

19. Informed Consent and the Protection of Human Subjects in Genomic Research with Children and Families
John G. Twomey

20. Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in the Genetic Testing of Minors
Bernice S. Elger

21. Guidelines and Policies on Genetic Testing in Children and Families
Donald W. Hadley, Anne D. Letocha Ersig, M.K. Holohan Quattrocchi

22. Training, Practice, and Collaboration: New Opportunities for Pediatric Psychology and Genomic Medicine
Andrea Farkas Patenaude

23. Public Health Genomics
Suzanne C. O’Neill

Keywords: Psychology, Child and School Psychology, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Human Genetics, Medicine/Public Health, general

Publication year
Issues in Clinical Child Psychology
Page amount
27 pages

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