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Moisture Sensitivity of Plastic Packages of IC Devices

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Table of contents

1. Fundamental Characteristics of Moisture Transport, Diffusion, and the Moisture-Induced Damages in Polymeric Materials in Electronic Packaging
X. J. Fan, S.W.R. Lee

2. Mechanism of Moisture Diffusion, Hygroscopic Swelling, and Adhesion Degradation in Epoxy Molding Compounds
M. H. Shirangi, B. Michel

3. Real-Time Characterization of Moisture Absorption and Desorption
Y. He, X.J. Fan

4. Modeling of Moisture Diffusion and Whole-Field Vapor Pressure in Plastic Packages of IC Devices
X. J. Fan, T.Y. Tee, X.Q. Shi, B. Xie

5. Characterization of Hygroscopic Deformations by Moiré Interferometry
E. Stellrecht, B. Han, M. Pecht

6. Characterization of Interfacial Hydrothermal Strength of Sandwiched Assembly Using Photomechanics Measurement Techniques
X. Q. Shi, X.J. Fan, Y.L. Zhang, W. Zhou

7. Hygroscopic Swelling of Polymeric Materials in Electronic Packaging: Characterization and Analysis
J. Zhou, T.Y. Tee, X.J. Fan

8. Modeling of Moisture Diffusion and Moisture-Induced Stresses in Semiconductor and MEMS Packages
C. Jang, B. Han

9. Methodology for Integrated Vapor Pressure, Hygroswelling, and Thermo-mechanical Stress Modeling of IC Packages
T.Y. Tee

10. Failure Criterion for Moisture-Sensitive Plastic Packages of Integrated Circuit (IC) Devices: Application and Extension of the Theory of Thin Plates of Large Deflections
E. Suhir, X.J. Fan

11. Continuum Theory in Moisture-Induced Failures of Encapsulated IC Devices
X.J. Fan, J. Zhou, G.Q. Zhang, A. Chandra

12. Mechanism-Based Modeling of Thermal- and Moisture-Induced Failure of IC Devices
H.B. Chew, T.F. Guo, L. Cheng

13. New Method for Equivalent Acceleration of IPC/JEDEC Moisture Sensitivity Levels
B. Xie, X.J. Fan, X.Q. Shi

14. Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) Capability of Plastic-Encapsulated Packages
J.K. Fauty

15. Hygrothermal Delamination Analysis of Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) Packages
M.S. Zhang, S.W.R. Lee, X.J. Fan

16. Industrial Applications of Moisture-Related Reliability Problems
W.D. Driel, D.G. Yang, C.A. Yuan, G.Q. Zhang

17. Underfill Selection Against Moisture in Flip Chip BGA Packages
X.J. Fan, T.Y. Tee, C.Q. Cui, G.Q. Zhang

18. Moisture Sensitivity Investigations of 3D Stacked-Die Chip-Scale Packages (SCSPs)
X.Q. Shi, X.J. Fan, B. Xie

19. Automated Simulation System of Moisture Diffusion and Hygrothermal Stress for Microelectronic Packaging
Y. Liu

20. Moisture-Driven Electromigrative Degradation in Microelectronic Packages
L.F. Siah

21. Interfacial Moisture Diffusion: Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Experimental Evaluation
H. Fan, E.K.L. Chan, M.M.F. Yuen

Keywords: Engineering, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Optical and Electronic Materials, Engineering, general

Publication year
Micro- and Opto-Electronic Materials, Structures, and Systems
Page amount
17 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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