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Human Ecology

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Table of contents

1. Theory, Method, and Explanation in Human Ecology

1. Introduction
Daniel G. Bates, Judith Tucker

2. Explaining Indonesian Forest Fires: Both Ends of the Firestick
Andrew P. Vayda

3. On the Notions of Mother Nature and the Balance of Nature and Their Implications for Conservation
Dennis E. Jelinski

4. Hunter–Gatherers Optimize Their Foraging Patterns Using Lévy Flights
Clifford T. Brown, Larry S. Liebovitch, Rachel Glendon

5. What is Biocultural Diversity? A Theoretical Review
Michelle Cocks

6. The Conservation Catch-22: Indigenous Peoples and Cultural Change
Flora Lu

7. Does Environmental Talk Equal Environmental Knowledge? An Example from Newfoundland
Craig T. Palmer, Reed L. Wadley

2. Dynamics of Local Food Procurement Systems

8. Tracking the Carbon Footprint of Paleolithic Societies in Mediterranean Ecosystems
Mary C. Stiner, Steven L. Kuhn

9. Burning and Hunting in Australia’s Western Desert
Douglas W. Bird, Rebecca Bliege Bird, Christopher H. Parker

10. The Wild Yam Question: Evidence from Baka Foraging in the Northwest Congo Basin
Hirokazu Yasuoka

11. Life Without Pigs: Decisions, Community Action, and Subsistence Changes Among the Irakia Awa, Papua New Guinea
David J. Boyd

12. Food Security and Pastoralism in the Northern Sahel
Jon Pedersen, Tor A. Benjaminsen

3. Agricultural Intensification and Large-scale Population Dynamics

13. Labor Productivity and Agricultural Development: Testing Boserup
Robert C. Hunt

14. Following Netting: The Cultural Ecology of Viliui Sakha Households in Post-Soviet Siberia
Susan Crate

15. Adaptive Responses to Environmental and Sociopolitical Change in Southern Zambia
Lisa Cliggett, Elizabeth Colson, Rod Hay, Thayer Scudder, Jon Unruh

16. Social and Environmental Impacts of the Rise and Fall of Flue-Cured Tobacco Production in the Copán Valley
William M. Loker

17. Does Climate Change Affect War Frequency? The Case of Eastern China
David D. Zhang, Jane Zhang, Harry F. Lee, Yuan-qing He

4. Development, Common Property Management, and Conservation

18. Local Knowledge and Changing Subsistence Strategies in James Bay, Canada
Claude Peloquin, Fikret Berkes

19. After the Cochabamba Water War of 2000: A Common Pool Resource Institution in the Urban Andes
Amber Wutich

20. Gender, Social Difference and Coastal Resource Management in Lowland Philippine Fishing Communities
James F. Eder

21. Causes of Deforestation in Central Maine, USA
James M. Acheson, Jon McCloskey

22. Environmental and Economic Costs of Biofuels
David Pimentel, Alison Marklein, Megan A. Toth, Marissa N. Karpoff, Gillian S. Paul, Robert McCormack, Joanna Kyriazis, Tim Krueger

Keywords: Social Sciences, Anthropology, Population Economics, Nature Conservation, Geography (general)

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