Maugin, Gérard A.

Mechanics of Generalized Continua

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Table of contents

1. Generalized Continuum Mechanics: WhatDoWe Mean by That?
Gérard A. Maugin

2. On Semi-Holonomic Cosserat Media
Marcelo Epstein

3. On the Theories of Plates Based ontheCosseratApproach
Holm Altenbach, Victor A. Eremeyev

4. Cracks in Cosserat Continuum—Macroscopic Modeling
Arcady V. Dyskin, Elena Pasternak

5. Micropolar Fluids: From Nematic Liquid Crystals to Liquid-Like Granular Media
Daniel Lhuillier

6. Linear Cosserat Elasticity, Conformal Curvature and Bounded Stiffness
Patrizio Neff, Jena Jeong, Ingo Münch, Hamidréza Ramézani

7. Application of Generalized Continuum Theory to the Problem of Vibration Decay intheComplex Mechanical Structures
Vladimir Palmov

8. Measuring of Cosserat Effects andReconstruction of Moduli UsingDispersiveWaves
Elena Pasternak, Arcady Dyskin

9. Natural Lagrangian Strain Measures oftheNon-Linear Cosserat Continuum
Wojciech Pietraszkiewicz, Victor A. Eremeyev

10. Practical Applications of Simple Cosserat Methods
David A. Burton, Robin W. Tucker

11. Requirements on Periodic Micromorphic Media
Ralf Jänicke, Stefan Diebels

12. Extending Micromorphic Theory to Atomic Scale
James D. Lee, Youping Chen, Xianqiao Wang

13. Nonlinear Theory of Cardinal Rearrangement of the Solid Body Structure in the Field ofIntensive Pressure
Eron L. Aero, A. N. Bulygin

14. Generalized Beams and Continua. DynamicsofReticulated Structures
Claude Boutin, Stéphane Hans, Céline Chesnais

15. Wave Propagation in Damaged Materials Using a New Generalized Continuum Model
Vladimir I. Erofeyev, Elena A. Nikitina, Alla V. Sharabanova

16. On the Uniqueness of the Lagrangian ofGradient Elastic Continua
Andrei V. Metrikine, Julia M. Prokhorova

17. Dynamic Properties of Essentially Nonlinear Generalized Continua
Alexey V. Porubov, Eron L. Aero, B. R. Andrievsky

18. Reissner–Mindlin Shear Moduli of a Sandwich Panel with Periodic Core Material
Arthur Lebée, Karam Sab

19. Waves in Residual-Saturated Porous Media
Holger Steeb, Marcel Frehner, Stefan Schmalholz

20. A Personal View on Current Generalized Theories of Elasticity and Plastic Flow
Elias C. Aifantis

21. Review and Critique of the Stress Gradient Elasticity Theories of Eringen and Aifantis
Harm Askes, Inna M. Gitman

22. On Natural Boundary Conditions in Linear 2nd-Grade Elasticity
Francesco Froiio, A. Zervos, Ioannis Vardoulakis

23. Gradient Theory of Media with Conserved Dislocations: Application toMicrostructured Materials
Sergey Lurie, Petr Belov, Natalia Tuchkova

24. Dislocations in Generalized Continuum Mechanics
Markus Lazar

25. Higher-Order Mesoscopic Theories of Plasticity Based on Discrete Dislocation Interactions
Robert H. J. Peerlings, Y. Kasyanyuk, A. Roy, M. G. D. Geers

26. An Approach Based on Integral Equations forCrack Problems inStandard Couple-Stress Elasticity
H. G. Georgiadis, P. A. Gourgiotis

27. A Cosserat Point Element (CPE) fortheNumerical Solution of Problems inFiniteElasticity
Mahmood Jabareen, Miles B. Rubin

28. Discretization of Gradient Elasticity Problems Using C
1 Finite Elements
Stefanos-Aldo Papanicolopulos, A. Zervos, Ioannis Vardoulakis

1 Discretizations for the Application toGradient Elasticity
Paul Fischer, Julia Mergheim, Paul Steinmann

30. A Generalized Framework and a Multiplicative Formulation of Electro-Mechanical Coupling
Carlo Sansour, Sebastian Skatulla, A. Arunachalakasi

31. Generalized Variational Principle for Dissipative Continuum Mechanics
German A. Maximov

32. Cosserat Continua Described by Mesoscopic Theory
Wolfgang Muschik, Christina Papenfuss

33. Fractal Solids, Product Measures andContinuum Mechanics
Jun Li, Martin Ostoja-Starzewski

34. Magnetoelasticity of Thin Shells and Plates Based on the Asymmetrical Theory of Elasticity
Smuel H. Sargsyan, Lusine S. Sargsyan

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering

Publication year
Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics
Natural Sciences

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