Hirsch, Michael J.

Dynamics of Information Systems

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Table of contents

1. The Role of Dynamics in Extracting Information Sparsely Encoded in High Dimensional Data Streams
Mario Sznaier, Octavia Camps, Necmiye Ozay, Tao Ding, Gilead Tadmor, Dana Brooks

2. Information Trajectory of Optimal Learning
Roman V. Belavkin

3. Performance-Information Analysis andDistributed Feedback Stabilization inLarge-Scale Interconnected Systems
Khanh D. Pham

4. A General Approach for Modules Identification in Evolving Networks
Thang N. Dinh, Incheol Shin, Nhi K. Thai, My T. Thai, Taieb Znati

5. Topology Information Control in Feedback Based Reconfiguration Processes
Alexandru Murgu, Ian Postlethwaite, Dawei Gu, Chris Edwards

6. Effect of Network Geometry and Interference onConsensus in Wireless Networks
Sundaram Vanka, Vijay Gupta, Martin Haenggi

7. Analyzing the Theoretical Performance ofInformation Sharing
Paul Scerri, Prasanna Velagapudi, Katia Sycara

8. Self-Organized Criticality of Belief Propagation in Large Heterogeneous Teams
Robin Glinton, Praveen Paruchuri, Paul Scerri, Katia Sycara

9. Effect of Humans on Belief Propagation inLarge Heterogeneous Teams
Praveen Paruchuri, Robin Glinton, Katia Sycara, Paul Scerri

10. Integration of Signals in Complex Biophysical Systems
Alla Kammerdiner, Nikita Boyko, Nong Ye, Jiping He, Panos Pardalos

11. An Info-Centric Trajectory Planner forUnmanned Ground Vehicles
Michael A. Hurni, Pooya Sekhavat, I. Michael Ross

12. Orbital Evasive Target Tracking and Sensor Management
Huimin Chen, Genshe Chen, Dan Shen, Erik P. Blasch, Khanh Pham

13. Decentralized Cooperative Control ofAutonomous Surface Vehicles
Pedro DeLima, Dimitri Zarzhitsky, Daniel Pack

14. A Connectivity Reduction Strategy forMulti-agent Systems
Xiaojun Geng, David Jeffcoat

15. The Navigation Potential of Ground Feature Tracking
Meir Pachter, Güner Mutlu

16. Minimal Switching Time of Agent Formations with Collision Avoidance
Dalila B. M. M. Fontes, Fernando A. C. C. Fontes

17. A Moving Horizon Estimator Performance Bound
Nicholas R. Gans, Jess W. Curtis

18. A p-norm Discrimination Model for Two Linearly Inseparable Sets
Pavlo Krokhmal, Robert Murphey, Panos M. Pardalos, Zhaohan Yu

19. Local Neighborhoods for the Multidimensional Assignment Problem
Eduardo L. Pasiliao

Keywords: Mathematics, Operations Research, Mathematical Programming, Systems Theory, Control, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Springer Optimization and Its Applications
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13 pages
Natural Sciences

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