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Remote Instrumentation and Virtual Laboratories

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Table of contents

1. Open Grid Forum Research Group: Remote Instrumentation Services in Grid Environment – Overview of Activities
M. Płóciennik, R. Pugliese

2. Adapting the Instrument Element to Support a Remote Instrumentation Infrastructure
M. Prica, R. Pugliese, A. Del Linz, A. Curri

3. Performance Analysis of a Grid-Based Instrumentation Device Farm
L. Berruti, F. Davoli, S. Vignola, S. Zappatore

4. Experimental Characterization of Wireless and Wired Access in Distributed Laboratories
R. Soloperto, A. Conti, D. Dardari, O. Andrisano

5. Virtual Laboratory and Its Application in Genomics
L. Handschuh, M. Lawenda, N. Meyer, P. Stȩpniak, M. Figlerowicz, M. Stroiński, J. Wȩglarz

6. The European Grid Initiative (EGI)
D. Kranzlmüller, J. Marco Lucas, P. Öster

7. Virtual Appliances: A Way to Provide Automatic Service Deployment
G. Kecskemeti, P. Kacsuk, T. Delaitre, G. Terstyanszky

8. Job Scheduling in Hierarchical Desktop Grids
Z. Farkas, A.Cs. Marosi, P. Kacsuk

9. Towards QoS Provision for Virtualized Resources in Grids
F. Rodríguez-Haro, F. Freitag, L. Navarro

10. From Grid Islands to a World Wide Grid
P. Kacsuk, T. Kiss

11. The Anatomy of Grid Resource Management
A. Kertész, T. Prokosch

12. SZTAKI Desktop Grid: Adapting Clusters for Desktop Grids
A.Cs. Marosi, Z. Balaton, P. Kacsuk, D. Drótos

13. SoRTGrid: A Grid Framework Compliant with Soft Real-Time Requirements
A. Merlo, A. Clematis, A. Corana, D. D’Agostino, V. Gianuzzi, A. Quarati

14. A Data Grid Architecture for Real-Time Electron Microscopy Applications
F. Mighela, C. Perra

15. A Network-Aware Grid for Efficient Parallel Monte Carlo Simulation of Coagulation Phenomena
M. Marchenko, D. Adami, C. Callegari, S. Giordano, M. Pagano

16. Practical Mechanisms for Managing Parallel and Interactive Jobs on Grid Environments
E. Fernández, E. Heymann, M.A. Senar

17. Int.eu.grid
G. Borges, J. Gomes, M. Montecelo, M. David, B. Silva, N. Dias, J.P. Martins, C. Fernández, L. García-Tarrés, C. Veiga, D. Cordero, J. López, J. Marco, I. Campos, D. Rodriguez, R. Marco, A. López, P. Orviz, A. Hammad, M. Hardt, E. Fernández, E. Heymann, M.A. Senar, A. Padee, K. Nawrocki, W. Wislicki, P. Heinzlreiter, M. Baumgartner, H. Rosmanith, S. Kenny, B. Coghlan, P. Lason, L. Skital, J. Astalos, M. Ciglan, M. Pospieszny, R. Valles, K. Dichev

18. Interactivity in Grid Computing in the Presence of Web Services
H. Rosmanith, J. Volkert

19. Fusion Simulations, Data Visualization Results and Future Requirements for the Interactive Grid Infrastructure
F. Castejón, D. Lopez-Bruna, J.M. Reynolds, A. Tarancón, R. Valles, J.L. Velasco

20. Interactive Grid-Access Using MATLAB
M. Hardt, M. Zapf, N.V. Ruiter

21. Collaborative Interactivity in Parallel HPC Applications
M. Riedel, W. Frings, T. Eickermann, S. Habbinga, P. Gibbon, A. Streit, F. Wolf, T. Lippert

22. Interactive and Real-Time Applications on the EGEE Grid Infrastructure
E. Floros, C. Loomis

23. g-Eclipse – A Middleware-Independent Framework for Accessing Existing Grid Infrastructures
M. Stümpert, H. Kornmayer, M. Knauer

24. Semantics-Based Context-Aware Dynamic Service Composition
K. Fujii, T. Suda

25. Distributed e-Science Application for Computational Speech Science
K. Nozaki, K. Baba, M. Noro, M. Nakagawa, S. Date, S. Shimojo

26. SynchroNet
E. Varriale, D. Cretoni, F. Gottifredi, M. Gotta

27. Discovery of Resources in a Distributed Grid Environment Based on Specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
D. Kollia, S. Kafetzoglou, M. Grammatikou, S. Papavassiliou

28. Inter-Domain SLA Enforcement in QoS-Enabled Networks
C. Marinos, V. Pouli, M. Grammatikou, V. Maglaris

29. High-Bandwidth Data Acquisition and Network Streaming in VLBI
J. Wagner, G. Molera, M. Uunila

30. Real-Time Software Correlation
N. G. H. Kruithof, D. C. P. M. Marchal

31. AugerAccess – Virtual Infrastructure for Simulating Complex Networks
M. Sutter, H.-J. Mathes, K. Daumiller, T. Jejkal, R. Stotzka, A. Kopmann, H. Gemmeke

32. Challenges and Design Issues in a Distributed Measurement Scenario
L. Benetazzo, M. Bertocco, G. Gamba, A. Sona

33. The Distributed Measurement Systems: A New Challenge for the Metrologists
A. Ferrero, R. Ottoboni

34. Recent Progresses of the Remote Didactic Laboratory LA.DI.RE “G. Savastano” Project
P. Daponte, D. Grimaldi, S. Rapuano

35. A Software Architecture for the m-Learning in Instrumentation and Measurement
P. Daponte, D. Grimaldi, S. Rapuano

36. Performance of Linear Field Reconstruction Techniques with Noise and Correlated Field Spectrum
A. Nordio, G. Alfano, C. F. Chiasserini

37. Hybrid Zigbee–RFID Networks for Energy Saving and Lifetime Maximization
P. Medagliani, G. Ferrari, M. Marastoni

38. A Service-Oriented Wireless Sensor Network for Power Metering
A. Bagnasco, P. Buschiazzo, L. Carlino, A.M. Scapolla

39. Performance Evaluation of a Robust Data Aggregation Approach in Diverse Sensor Networking Environments
S. Kafetzoglou, M. Grammatikou, S. Papavassiliou

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Computer Communication Networks, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

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