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Learning and Instruction in the Digital Age

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Table of contents

1. Learning and Instruction in the Digital Age
Dirk Ifenthaler

2. Cognition and Student-Centered, Web-Based Learning: Issues and Implications for Research and Theory
Michael J. Hannafin, Kathleen M. Hannafin

3. Testing as Feedback to Inform Teaching
J.C. Powell

4. Enhancing Learning from Informatics Texts
Alexandra Gasparinatou, Grammatiki Tsaganou, Maria Grigoriadou

5. Model-Based Knowledge Mapping
Andreas Lachner, Pablo Pirnay-Dummer

6. Prototype for the Knowledge Representation Supporting Inter-institutional Knowledge Flow Analysis
Ieva Zeltmate, Marite Kirikova, Janis Grundspenkis

7. The Role of Supportive Information in the Development and Progression of Mental Models
A. Aubteen Darabi, David W. Nelson, Norbert M. Seel

8. The Qualitative Study on Contents Analysis/Construction Method for e-Learning
Naomi Nagata, Toshio Okamoto

9. VideoClipQuests as a New Setup for Learning
Axel M. Blessing, Ulrich Kortenkamp

10. Research on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning in Transdisciplinary Groups
Edita Butrime, Rita Marciulyniene, Rita Valteryte

11. Improving Teacher Performance Using an Enhanced Digital Video Reflection Technique
Geoffrey A. Wright

12. Experiencing and Learning with 3D Virtual Worlds
Laura Benvenuti, Elbert-Jan Hennipman, Evert-Jan R.G. Oppelaar, Gerrit C. Veer, R.P.M. (Bob) Cruijsberg, Geeske Bakker

13. CARTE: An Observation Station to Regulate Activity in a Learning Context
Christophe Courtin

14. Acceptance of Model-Based Instruction Among Students in Spanish and Mathematics
Ulrike Hanke, Elke Huber

15. Communities of Learners
Pat Gannon-Leary, Elsa Fontainha

16. Supporting the Implementation of Case Activities Using e-Learning Technologies
Maria Boubouka, Ilias Verginis, Maria Grigoriadou

17. Practices in Old Age ICT Education
Minnamari Naumanen, Markku Tukiainen

18. Cultural Features of e-Learning
Fredric William Swierczek, Clemens Bechter

19. Case Study on Student Blogs in a Blended Learning Course
Michael Derntl, Thomas Mazzurana

20. Self-Assessment: An Important Process in e-Training
Paola Nicolini, Tamara Lapucci, Chiara Moroni

21. A Design Framework for an Online English Writing Course
ChanMin Kim, Anne Mendenhall, Tristan E. Johnson

22. Catering for Different Learning Styles in e-Learning
Vatcharaporn Esichaikul, Clemens Bechter

23. Learning and Instruction in the Digital Age
J. Michael Spector

Keywords: Education, Learning & Instruction, Computers and Education, Educational Psychology

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Upbringing, Education

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