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Handbook of Gender Research in Psychology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Donald R. McCreary, Joan C. Chrisler

2. Gender and Personality
Jayne E. Stake, Heather Eisele

3. Gender and Motivation for Achievement, Affiliation–Intimacy, and Power
Lauren E. Duncan, Bill E. Peterson

4. Gender Issues in Psychological Testing of Personality and Abilities
Nancy Lynn Baker, Janelle L. Mason

5. Gender Stereotypes in Diagnostic Criteria
Alisha Ali, Paula J. Caplan, Rachel Fagnant

6. Gender Identity Disorder: Concerns and Controversies
Kate Richmond, Kate Carroll, Kristoffer Denboske

7. Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Vulnerability to Depression
Mark L. Hatzenbuehler, Lori M. Hilt, Susan Nolen-Hoeksema

8. Gender and Body Image
Rachel M. Calogero, J. Kevin Thompson

9. Feminist Psychotherapies: Theory, Research, and Practice
Cynthia M. Bruns, Ellyn Kaschak

10. Psychotherapy with Men
Matt Englar-Carlson, Mark A. Stevens, Robert Scholz

11. Gender Issues in Family Therapy and Couples Counseling
Louise B. Silverstein, Gary R. Brooks

12. Gender, Peer Relations, and Intimate Romantic Relationships
Tara C. Marshall

13. Gender, Aggression, and Prosocial Behavior
Irene Hanson Frieze, Man Yu Li

14. Gender and Group Behavior
Linda L. Carli

15. Sexual and Gender Prejudice
Ritch C. Savin-Williams, Seth T. Pardo, Zhana Vrangalova, Ryan S. Mitchell, Kenneth M. Cohen

16. Gender and Occupational Choice
Helen M. G. Watt

17. Gender and the Division of Labor
Scott Coltrane, Kristy Y. Shih

18. The Gendered Nature of Workplace Mistreatment
Vicki J. Magley, Jessica A. Gallus, Jennifer A. Bunk

19. Gender and Leadership: Negotiating the Labyrinth
Ronit Kark, Alice H. Eagly

20. Gender, Health, and Health Behaviors
Christina Lee

21. Gender, Stress, and Coping
Amy Zwicker, Anita DeLongis

22. Gender and Health-Care Utilization
Cheryl Brown Travis, Andrea L. Meltzer, Dawn M. Howerton

23. Gender Issues in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Illness
Vivian S. Hwang, Sharon Danoff-Burg

24. Gender in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Diane L. Gill, Cindra S. Kamphoff

25. Ethical and Methodological Considerations for Gender Researchers in Forensic Psychology
Kenneth V. Heard

26. The Treatment of Gender in Community Psychology Research
Sharon M. Wasco, Meg A. Bond

27. Gender and Media: Content, Uses, and Impact
Dara N. Greenwood, Julia R. Lippman

28. Gender and Military Psychology
Angela R. Febbraro, Ritu M. Gill

Keywords: Psychology, Gender Studies, Sociology, Psychotherapy

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