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Peripheral Endovascular Interventions

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Table of contents

1. Evolution of Endovascular Therapy: Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Thomas J. Fogarty, Amitava Biswas

2. Pathophysiology of Vascular Disease
Christopher K. Zarins, Chengpei Xu, Seymour Glagov

3. Training and Credentialing in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Stephen T. Smith, G. Patrick Clagett

4. Assessment of Vascular Patients and Indications for Therapy
Christian Virgilio, Tony Chan

5. Anesthesia Techniques for Endovascular Surgery
Maurice Lippmann, Inderjeet Singh Julka, Clinton Z. Kakazu

6. Intraprocedural Monitoring for Endovascular Procedures
Ali Khoynezhad, G. Matthew Longo

7. Safety Considerations for Endovascular Surgery
George E. Kopchok

8. Endovascular Intervention Suite Design
Irwin Walot, Joe P. Chauvapun

9. Angioscopy: Instrumentation, Techniques, and Applications
Arnold Miller, Juha P. Salenius

10. Duplex-Guided Balloon Angioplasty from the Carotid to the Plantar Arteries
Enrico Ascher, Anil Hingorani, Natalie Marks

11. Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging
George E. Kopchok, Rodney A. White

12. Biomaterials: Considerations for Endovascular Devices
Martin R. Back

13. Ancillary Endovascular Equipment: Catheters, Guidewires, and Procedural Considerations
Tony D. Fang

14. Balloon Angioplasty
John V. White, Constance Ryjewski, Richard N. Messersmith

15. Endovascular Intervention for Lower Extremity Deep Venous Thrombosis
Erin H. Murphy, Thomas J. Fogarty, Frank R. Arko

16. Remote Femoral and Iliac Artery Endarterectomy
Wouter J. M. Derksen, Jean-Paul P.M. Vries, Gerard Pasterkamp, Frans L. Moll

17. Intravascular Stents
Kevin M. Sheridan, Shoaib Shafique, Alan P. Sawchuk, Michael C. Dalsing

18. Intravascular Laser Technologies
Craig M. Walker

19. Endovascular Devices for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Arash Keyhani, Rodney A. White

20. Endovascular Devices for Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms
Edward Diethrich

21. Critical Limb Ischemia
David E. Allie, Raghotham R. Patlola, Elena V. Mitran, Agostino Ingraldi, Craig M. Walker

22. Renal Stents
Gregorio Sicard, Bradley Thomas

23. Inferior Vena Cava Filters: The Impact of Endovascular Technology
David Rosenthal, Eric D. Wellons, Allison B. Burkett, Paul V. Kochupura, William Veale

24. Carotid Stenting
Rabih A. Chaer, Peter A. Schneider

25. Neuroendovascular Interventions
Jacques E. Dion, Lucian M. Maidan

26. The Current Status of Hybrid Repair of Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Christopher J. Kwolek, Rajendra Patel

27. Laparoscopic Aortic Surgery
Yves-Marie Dion, Thomas Joseph

28. Endovenous Surgery
John J. Bergan, Nisha Bunke

29. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: Endoscopic Transaxillary First Rib Approach—23 Years Experience (1985–2008)
Bernardo D. Martinez, Angela M. Gerhardinger

30. Prevention of Lesion Recurrence in Endovascular Devices
Adrienne L. Rochier, Bauer E. Sumpio

31. Management of the Percutaneous Puncture Site
Melissa E. Hogg, Ashley K. Vavra, Melina R. Kibbe

32. Endovascular Practice in Asia-Pacific
Stephen W. K. Cheng

33. Future Imaging and Guidance for Endovascular Procedures
Jean Bismuth, Christof Karmonik, Neal Kleiman, Miguel Valderrábano, Alan B. Lumsden

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Cardiology

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