Plotkin, Stanley A.

History of Vaccine Development

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Stanley A. Plotkin

2. “Variolation” and Vaccination in Late Imperial China, Ca 1570–1911
Angela Ki Che Leung

3. Edward Jenner’s Role in the Introduction of Smallpox Vaccine
Derrick Baxby

4. Edward Jenner, Benefactor to Mankind
Ian Bailey

5. Smallpox Eradication: The Vindication of Jenner’s Prophesy
Frank Fenner

6. Pasteur and the Birth of Vaccines Made in the Laboratory
Hervé Bazin

7. Antituberculosis BCG Vaccine: Lessons from the Past
Marina Gheorgiu

8. A History of Toxoids
Edgar H. Relyveld

9. Vaccination Against Typhoid Fever: A Century of Research. End of the Beginning or Beginning of the End?
Philippe Sansonetti

10. The History of Pertussis Vaccination: From Whole-Cell to Subunit Vaccines
Marta Granström

11. Bacterial Polysaccharide Vaccines
Robert Austrian

12. Polysaccharide–Protein Conjugate Vaccines
John B. Robbins, Rachel Schneerson, Shouson C. Szu, Vince Pozsgay

13. After Pasteur: History of New Rabies Vaccines
Hilary Koprowski

14. Yellow Fever Vaccines: The Success of Empiricism, Pitfalls of Application, and Transition to Molecular Vaccinology
Thomas P. Monath

15. A Race with Evolution: A History of Influenza Vaccines
Edwin D. Kilbourne

16. The Role of Tissue Culture in Vaccine Development
Samuel L. Katz, Catherine M. Wilfert, Frederick C. Robbins

17. Viral Vaccines and Cell Substrate: A “Historical” Debate
Florian Horaud

18. History of Koprowski Vaccine Against Poliomyelitis
Hilary Koprowski

19. Oral Polio Vaccine and the Results of Its Use
Joseph Melnick

20. The Development of IPV
A. John Beale

21. The Long Prehistory of Modern Measles Vaccination
Constant Huygelen

22. The History of Measles Virus and the Development and Utilization of Measles Virus Vaccines
Samuel L. Katz

23. The Development of Live Attenuated Mumps Virus Vaccine in Historic Perspective and Its Role in the Evolution of Combined Measles–Mumps–Rubella
Maurice R. Hilleman

24. History of Rubella Vaccines and the Recent History of Cell Culture
Stanley A. Plotkin

25. Three Decades of Hepatitis Vaccinology in Historic Perspective. A Paradigm of Successful Pursuits
Maurice R. Hilleman

26. Vaccination Against Varicella and Zoster: Its Development and Progress
Anne Gershon

27. Developmental History of HPV Prophylactic Vaccines
John T. Schiller, Douglas R. Lowy

28. History of Rotavirus Vaccines Part I: RotaShield
Albert Z. Kapikian

29. Rotavirus Vaccines Part II: Raising the Bar for Vaccine Safety Studies
Paul A. Offit, H. Fred Clark

30. Veterinary Vaccines in the Development of Vaccination and Vaccinology
Philippe Desmettre

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