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Infectious Disease Informatics

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Table of contents

1. Informatics for Infectious Disease Research and Control
Vitali Sintchenko

2. Bioinformatics of Microbial Sequences
Phil Giffard

3. Mining Databases for Microbial Gene Sequences
Richard Christen

4. Comparative Genomics of Pathogens
Elena P. Ivanova, Arkadiy Kurilenko, Feng Wang, Russell J. Crawford

5. Systems Microbiology: Gaining Insights in Transcriptional Networks
Riet Smet, Karen Lemmens, Ana Carolina Fierro, Kathleen Marchal

6. Host–Pathogen Systems Biology
Christian V. Forst

7. Text Mining for Discovery of Host–Pathogen Interactions
Stephen Anthony, Vitali Sintchenko, Enrico Coiera

8. A Network Approach to Understanding Pathogen Population Structure
Caroline O. Buckee, Sunetra Gupta

9. Computational Epitope Mapping
Matthew N. Davies, Darren R. Flower

10. Pangenomic Reverse Vaccinology
Claudio Donati, Duccio Medini, Rino Rappuoli

11. Immunoinformatics: The Next Step in Vaccine Design
Tobias Cohen, Lenny Moise, William Martin, Anne S. Groot

12. Understanding the Shared Bacterial Genome
Jonathan R Iredell, Sally R. Partridge

13. Computational Grammars for Interrogation of Genomes
Jaron Schaeffer, Afra Held, Guy Tsafnat

In silico Discovery of Chemotherapeutic Agents
Lyn-Marie Birkholtz, Peter Burger, Samia Aci, Hélène Valadié, Ana Lucia da Costa, Loraine Brillet, Tjaart Beer, Fourie Joubert, Gordon Wells, Vincent Breton, Sylvaine Roy, Abraham Louw, Eric Maréchal

15. Informatics for Healthcare Epidemiology
Bala Hota

16. Automated, High-throughput Surveillance Systems for Public Health
Ross Lazarus

17. Microbial Genotyping Systems for Infection Control
Matthew O’Sullivan

18. Temporal and Spatial Clustering of Bacterial Genotypes
Blanca Gallego

19. Infectious Disease Ontology
Lindsay Grey Cowell, Barry Smith

20. Populations, Patients, Germs and Genes: Ethics Of Genomics and Informatics in Communicable Disease Control
Gwendolyn L. Gilbert, Michael Selgelid

Keywords: Life Sciences, Bioinformatics, Infectious Diseases, Microbial Genetics and Genomics, Health Informatics, Medical Microbiology

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