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Inhibitory Control and Drug Abuse Prevention

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Table of contents

1. Translating Research on Inhibitory Control for the Prevention of Drug Abuse
Elizabeth M. Ginexi, Elizabeth B. Robertson

2. Animal Models of Behavioral Processes that Underlie the Occurrence of Impulsive Behaviors in Humans
Jerry B. Richards, Amy M. Gancarz, Larry W. Hawk

3. Monoaminergic Regulation of Cognitive Control in Laboratory Animals
J. David Jentsch, Stephanie M. Groman, Alex S. James, Emanuele Seu

4. Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Addiction Risk Related to Impulsivity and Its Neurobiological Substrates
Michelle M. Jacobs, Didier Jutras-Aswad, Jennifer A. DiNieri, Hilarie C. Tomasiewicz, Yasmin L. Hurd

5. Impaired Inhibitory Control as a Mechanism of Drug Abuse
Mark T. Fillmore, Jessica Weafer

6. Neuroimaging, Adolescence, and Risky Behavior
John C. Churchwell, Deborah A. Yurgelun-Todd

7. Inhibitory Control Deficits in Childhood: Definition, Measurement, and Clinical Risk for Substance Use Disorders
Iliyan Ivanov, Jeffrey Newcorn, Kelly Morton, Michelle Tricamo

8. Impulsivity and Deviance
Donald R. Lynam

9. Impulsivity and Adolescent Substance Use: From Self-Report Measures to Neuroimaging and Beyond
Matthew J. Gullo, Sharon Dawe, Meredith J. McHugh

10. A Functional Analytic Framework for Understanding Adolescent Risk-Taking Behavior
Laura MacPherson, Jessica M. Richards, Anahi Collado, Carl W. Lejuez

11. Peer Influences on Adolescent Risk Behavior
Dustin Albert, Laurence Steinberg

12. The Effects of Early Adversity on the Development of Inhibitory Control: Implications for the Design of Preventive Interventions and the Potential Recovery of Function
Philip A. Fisher, Jacqueline Bruce, Yalchin Abdullaev, Anne M. Mannering, Katherine C. Pears

13. Early Risk for Problem Behavior and Substance Use: Targeted Interventions for the Promotion of Inhibitory Control
Nathaniel R. Riggs, Mark T. Greenberg, Brittany Rhoades

14. Designing Media and Classroom Interventions Targeting High Sensation Seeking or Impulsive Adolescents to Prevent Drug Abuse and Risky Sexual Behavior
Rick S. Zimmerman, R. Lewis Donohew, Philip Palmgreen, Seth Noar, Pamela K. Cupp, Brenikki Floyd

15. Self-Regulation and Adolescent Drug Use: Translating Developmental Science and Neuroscience into Prevention Practice
Thomas J. Dishion, Joshua C. Felver-Gant, Yalchin Abdullaev, Michael I. Posner

16. Implications for Translational Prevention Research: Science, Policy, and Advocacy
Anthony Biglan, Diana H. Fishbein

17. Future Directions for Research on Inhibitory Control and Drug Abuse Prevention
Michael T. Bardo, Richard Milich, Diana H. Fishbein

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Medicine/Public Health, general, Health Psychology, Pharmacology/Toxicology

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