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Reviews in Fluorescence 2008

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Table of contents

1. Fluorescence Anisotropy to Study the Preferential Orientation of Fluorophores in Ordered Bi-Dimensional Systems: Rhodamine 6G/Laponite Layered Films
F. López Arbeloa, V. Martínez, T. Arbeloa, I. López Arbeloa

2. Room Temperature Tryptophan Phosphorescence of Proteins in the Composition of Biological Membranes and Solutions
Vladimir M. Mazhul’, Alexander V. Timoshenko, Ekaterina M. Zaitseva, Svetlana G. Loznikova, Inessa V. Halets, Tatsiana S. Chernovets

3. Rational Design of FRET-Based Sensor Proteins
M. Merkx

4. Fluorescence Imaging of Calcium Loading and Mitochondrial Depolarization in Cancer Cells Exposed to Heat Stress
Olaf Minet, Cathrin Dressler, Jürgen Beuthan, Urszula Zabaryło, Rasa Zukiene, Vida Midaziene

5. Energy Transfer in Silica Nanoparticles: An Essential Tool for the Amplification of the Fluorescence Signal
Sara Bonacchi, Damiano Genovese, Riccardo Juris, Ettore Marzocchi, Marco Montalti, Luca Prodi, Enrico Rampazzo, Nelsi Zaccheroni

6. Spectroscopic Characterization of Plasma – Chemically Functionalized and Fluorophore-Labeled Polymer Surfaces
Katrin Hoffmann, Renate Mix, Joerg F. Friedrich, Ute Resch-Genger

7. Fluorescent Labeling and Its Effect on Hybridization of Oligodeoxyribonucleotides
Ramendra K. Singh, Shipra Agarwal

8. New Method for Determining Histamine Rate in Halieutic Products
Alphonse Tine, Stéphy E. Douabalé

9. Spectroscopy of DNA–Actinomycin Complexes
Nikolai Vekshin

10. Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Optoelectronics, Photomedicine, and Investigation of Biomolecular Systems
Danuta Wróbel, Alina Dudkowiak, Jacek Goc

11. Multicolor Imaging with Fluorescent Proteins in Mice
Robert M. Hoffman

12. Genetically Encoded Fluorescent and Bioluminescent Probes for Illuminating Cellular Signaling Pathways
Yoshio Umezawa

13. Fluorescent Protein FRET Applications
Annalee W. Nguyen, Xia You, Abeer M. Jabaiah, Patrick S. Daugherty

14. Imaging Protein Interactions in Living Cells Using the Fluorescent Proteins
Richard N. Day, Ammasi Periasamy, Ignacio Demarco

15. Engineering Green Fluorescent Proteins Using an Expanded Genetic Code
Prajna Paramita Pal, Nediljko Budisa

16. Fluorescent Proteins in Transgenic Plants
Reginald J. Millwood, Hong S. Moon, C. Neal Stewart

17. Peptide Foldamers: From Spectroscopic Studies to Applications
Lorenzo Stella, Gianfranco Bocchinfuso, Emanuela Gatto, Claudia Mazzuca, Mariano Venanzi, Fernando Formaggio, Claudio Toniolo, Antonio Palleschi, Basilio Pispisa

18. Circularly Polarized Luminescence (CPL) of Proteins and Protein Complexes
Eugene Gussakovsky

19. New Dual Fluorescent Dyes Based on Modified “Excited State with Extended Conjunction” Photophysical Model
Michael P. Begaye, Premchendar Nandhikonda, Zhi Cao, Michael D. Heagy

Keywords: Life Sciences, Biological Microscopy, Biotechnology, Analytical Chemistry, Spectroscopy/Spectrometry, Physical Chemistry

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Reviews in Fluorescence
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11 pages
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