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Single-Channel Recording

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Table of contents

1. A Practical Guide to Patch Clamping
Reinhold Penner

2. Tight-Seal Whole-Cell Recording
Alain Marty, Erwin Neher

3. Guide to Data Acquisition and Analysis
Stefan H. Heinemann

4. Electronic Design of the Patch Clamp
F.J. Sigworth

5. Low-Noise Recording
Klaus Benndorf

6. Voltage Offsets in Patch-Clamp Experiments
Erwin Neher

7. Techniques for Membrane Capacitance Measurements
Kevin D. Gillis

8. Patch-Pipette Recordings from the Soma, Dendrites, and Axon of Neurons in Brain Slices
Bert Sakmann, Greg Stuart

9. Patch Clamp and Calcium Imaging in Brain Slices
Jens Eilers, Ralf Schneggenburger, Arthur Konnerth

10. Fast Application of Agonists to Isolated Membrane Patches
Peter Jonas

11. Electrochemical Detection of Secretion from Single Cells
Robert H. Chow, Ludolf Rüden

12. Technical Approaches to Studying Specific Properties of Ion Channels in Plants
Rainer Hedrich

13. The Giant Membrane Patch
Donald W. Hilgemann

14. A Fast Pressure-Clamp Technique for Studying Mechanogated Channels
Don W. McBride, Owen P. Hamill

15. Electrophysiological Recordings from Xenopus Oocytes
Walter Stühmer, Anant B. Parekh

16. Polymerase Chain Reaction Analysis of Ion Channel Expression in Single Neurons of Brain Slices
Hannah Monyer, Peter Jonas

17. Force Microscopy on Membrane Patches A Perspective
J.K. Heinrich Hörber, Johannes Mosbacher, Walter Häberle

18. The Principles of the Stochastic Interpretation of Ion-Channel Mechanisms
David Colquhoun, Alan G. Hawkes

19. Fitting and Statistical Analysis of Single-Channel Records
David Colquhoun, F.J. Sigworth

20. A Q-Matrix Cookbook How to Write Only One Program to Calculate the Single-Channel and Macroscopic Predictions for Any Kinetic Mechanism
David Colquhoun, Alan G. Hawkes

21. Geometric Parameters of Pipettes and Membrane Patches
Bert Sakmann, Erwin Neher

22. Conformational Transitions of Ionic Channels
P. Läuger

Keywords: Life Sciences, Animal Physiology, Biophysics and Biological Physics, Neurosciences

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