Acs, Zoltan J.

Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to the 2nd Edition of the Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research
Zoltan J. Acs, David B. Audretsch

2. Debates in Entrepreneurship: Opportunity Formation and Implications for the Field of Entrepreneurship
Sharon A. Alvarez, Jay B. Barney, Susan L. Young

3. An Update to the Individual-Opportunity Nexus
Jonathan T. Eckhardt, Scott Shane

4. Three Views of Entrepreneurial Opportunity
Saras D. Sarasvathy, Nicholas Dew, S. Ramakrishna Velamuri, Sankaran Venkataraman

5. Entrepreneurial Behavior: Firm Organizing Processes
William B. Gartner, Nancy M. Carter, Paul D. Reynolds

6. Corporate Entrepreneurship: An Introduction and Research Review
Donald F. Kuratko

7. High-Impact Entrepreneurship
Zoltan J. Acs

8. Equity Financing
Paul Gompers, Josh Lerner

9. Market Processes and Entrepreneurial Studies
Roger Koppl, Maria Minniti

10. Entrepreneurship, Business Culture and the Theory of the Firm
Mark Casson

11. Knowledge Spillover Entrepreneurship
Zoltan J. Acs, David B. Audretsch

12. Risk and Uncertainty
Sharon Gifford

13. Looking Forward, Looking Backward: From Entrepreneurial Cognition to Neuroentrepreneurship
Norris F. Krueger Jr., Mellani Day

14. The Social Psychology of Entrepreneurial Behavior
Kelly G. Shaver

15. Entrepreneurship as Social Construction: A Multilevel Evolutionary Approach
Howard E. Aldrich, Martha A. Martinez

16. International Business, Entrepreneurship and the Global Economy
Siri A. Terjesen, Zoltan J. Acs, David B. Audretsch

17. The Globalization of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Talent
Robert Wuebker, Zoltan J. Acs, Richard Florida

18. Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries
Zoltan J. Acs, Nicola Virgill

19. The Geography of Entrepreneurship
Lawrence A. Plummer, Aviad Pe’er

20. The Impact of Entrepreneurship on Economic Growth
Martin A. Carree, A. Roy Thurik

21. Entrepreneurship and Public Policy
Magnus Henrekson, Mikael Stenkula

22. Connecting the Study of Entrepreneurship and Theories of Capitalist Progress: An Epilog
Rita Gunther McGrath, Sameeksha Desai

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Entrepreneurship, Economic Growth, Economic Policy

Publication year
International Handbook Series on Entrepreneurship
Page amount
23 pages

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