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Global Warming

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Table of contents

1. Global Warming – Where Is the Cure?
Romney B. Duffey, Ibrahim Dincer

2. On the Principles of Thermodynamics – Effects on the Environment, Global Warming, and Sustainability
A. Özer Arnas

3. Role of Renewable Energy in Sustainable Development
Anand S. Joshi, Ibrahim Dincer, Bale V. Reddy

4. Residential Solar Power Generaton Systems for Better Environment
Calin Zamfirescu, Ibrahim Dincer, Tony Verrelli, William Robert Wagar

5. Hydrogen Production from Ammonia as an Environmentally Benign Solution for Vehicles
Calin Zamfirescu, Ibrahim Dincer

6. Environmentally Benign Nuclear-Based Hydrogen Production
Mehmet F. Orhan, Ibrahim Dincer, Marc A. Rosen

7. Environmental Benefits of Geothermal-Based Absorption Cooling Systems
Can Coskun, Zuhal Oktay, Ibrahim Dincer

8. Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Landfill Site Using Various Thermal Systems
C. Ozgur Colpan, Ibrahim Dincer, Feridun Hamdullahpur

9. Partial Gasification for CO2Emissions Reduction
Nirmal V. Gnanapragasam, Bale V. Reddy, Marc A. Rosen

10. A Strategic Program to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Food Industry
Aydin Kilic, Adnan Midilli, Ibrahim Dincer

11. Environmental and Economic Issues from Changing a Major Fuel Type as Energy Resource in an Industrial City in Korea
Byeong-Kyu Lee, Hung-Suck Park

12. Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine-Powered Cogeneration Systems
Aysegul Abusoglu, Mehmet Kanoglu

13. Effects of Fuel Consumption of Commercial Turbofans on Global Warming
Onder Turan, T. Hikmet Karakoc

14. Marnoch Engine Performance for Multiple Pressure Vessel Configurations
I. Marnoch, G. Naterer, M. A. Rosen, J. Weston

15. Exergy Analysis of Food Drying Processes
Neslihan Colak, Mustafa T. Balta, Filiz Içier, Ebru Kuzgunkaya, Arif Hepbasli, Zafer Erbay

16. Carbon Sequestration: A Comparative Analysis
Christopher J. Koroneos, Dimitrios C. Rovas

17. Coal-Based Hydrogen Production with CO2 Capture in the Aspect of Clean Coal Technologies
Adam Smoliński

18. CO2 Absorption in a Mini-module Membrane Contactor
G. Pantoleontos, S. P. Kaldis, D. Koutsonikolas, P. Grammelis, G. P. Sakellaropoulos

19. CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol on Cu–ZrO2 Catalysts
Ferroudja Bali, Louise Jalowiecki-Duhamel

20. CO2 and SO2 Capture Capability of Two Greek Limestones
Panagiotis Basinas, Panagiotis Grammelis, John R. Grace, C. J. Lim, George Skodras, George P. Sakellaropoulos

21. Effect of Oxidative Medium on Removal of Sulfur and Mineral Matter from the Can Lignites
Jale Gulen

22. Biogenic Emission and Essential Oils of Some Eucalyptus Species: A Comparison Study
Yazid Foudil-Cherif, Noureddine Yassaa, Brahim Y. Meklati

23. Embodied Carbon: The Concealed Impact of Residential Construction
Geoffrey P. Hammond, Craig I. Jones

24. Sustainable Construction Practices in Malaysia
Nazirah Zainul Abidin

25. Emission Market at the End of the Commitment Period
Ryosuke Ishii, Haruo Imai

26. Game Analysis of Kyoto and Post-Kyoto Schemes
Haruo Imai

27. Enterprise Risk Management Perspective
Ayse Kucuk Yilmaz, T. Hikmet Karakoc

28. Environmental Assessment of Solar Heating and Cooling Systems in Kuwait Climate
Adel A. Ghoneim, Kandil M. Kandil, Adel M. Mohammedein, Ibrahim M. Kadad

29. Steam Network Optimization by Utilizing Biomass and Solar Energy Sources in an Oil Refinery
M. Hassan Panjeshahi, Lena Ahmadi, Simon Perry

30. Calculation of Global Solar Radiation Based on Cloud Data for Major Cities of South Korea
Hochun Yoo, Kwanho Lee, Sohee Park, Kyoung Hwan Noh

31. Relationship Between Air Pollutants and Some Meteorological Parameters in Erzurum, Turkey
Sevda Ocak, F. Sezer Turalioglu

32. Planning for the Impacts of the Caspian Sea Level Rise and Climate Change in the North of Iran
Yousef Filizadeh, Kamran Zolfinejad, Homan Rajabi Islami

33. Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources in Saudi Arabia
Faisal M. Al Zawad, Ahmat Aksakal

34. Warming Tendency in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin and Its Influence on West Nile Fever Outbreaks
Shlomit Paz

35. Water Management Works in Târnava River Basin, Romania
Mihai Voda, Victor Sorocovschi, Ramona Ratiu

36. North–South Gap in Wastewater Management: A Comparative Study for Germany and Jordan
Matthias Barjenbruch, Kamel K. Alzboon

37. A Pervaporation Application for Treating Methyl tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE)-Contaminated Water/Wastewater
Nilufer Durmaz Hilmioglu, Ahmet E. Yildirim, Sema Tulbentci

38. Temperature Variations and Their Effects on Rainfall in Nigeria
Osita Ibe, E.F. Nymphas

39. Multimedia Pollutant Sources and Their Effects on the Environment and Waste Management Practice in Turkish Shipyards
Uğur Buğra Celebi, Fuat Tolga Akanlar, Nurten Vardar

40. Nitrous Oxide Emission from Agricultural Practices in Japan
Shin-Ichiro Mishima, Hiroko Akiyama, Kazuyuki Yagi

41. Phenological Adaptation of Cereal Weeds to Climate Variations
Mohamed Fenni, Mustapha Bounechada

42. Chemical Characteristics and Source Reconciliation of Organic Aerosols in Algiers City Area
Noureddine Yassaa, Riad Ladji, Angelo Cecinato, Brahim Y. Meklati

43. Removal of Cu2+ and Ni2+ from Aqueous Solution by Algerian Clay Materials
Soraya Dib, Ali Khouider, Makhlouf Boufatit

44. Health Impacts of Heat Waves of 2007 in Hungary – Background and Experiences
Anna Paldy, Janos Bobvos

45. Potential Impact of Climate Change on Pandemic Influenza Risk
Daniela Curseu, Monica Popa, Dana Sirbu, Ioan Stoian

Keywords: Engineering, Renewable and Green Energy, Sustainable Development, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology, Thermodynamics, Climate Change

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Green Energy and Technology
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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