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Model-Based Control:

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Table of contents

1. Linear Systems in Discrete Time
Jan C. Willems

2. Robust Controller Synthesis is Convex for Systems without Control Channel Uncertainties
Carsten W. Scherer

3. Conservation Laws and Lumped System Dynamics
Arjan Schaft, Bernhard Maschke

4. Polynomial Optimization Problems are Eigenvalue Problems
Philippe Dreesen, Bart Moor

5. Designing Instrumentation for Control
Faming Li, Maurício C. Oliveira, Robert E. Skelton

6. Uncertain Model Set Calculation from Frequency Domain Data
Gary J. Balas, Andrew K. Packard, Peter J. Seiler

7. Robust Estimation for Automatic Controller Tuning with Application to Active Noise Control
Charles E. Kinney, Raymond A. Callafon

8. Identification of Parameters in Large Scale Physical Model Structures, for the Purpose of Model-Based Operations
Paul M. J. Hof, Jorn F. M. Doren, Sippe G. Douma

9. Recovering Data from Cracked Optical Discs using Hankel Iterative Learning Control
Maarten Steinbuch, Jeroen Wijdeven, Tom Oomen, Koos Berkel, George Leenknegt

10. Advances in Data-driven Optimization of Parametric and Non-parametric Feedforward Control Designs with Industrial Applications
Rob Tousain, Stan Meulen

11. Incremental Identification of Hybrid Models of Dynamic Process Systems
Olaf Kahrs, Marc Brendel, Claas Michalik, Wolfgang Marquardt

12. Front Controllability in Two-Phase Porous Media Flow
Jan Dirk Jansen, Jorn F. M. Doren, Mohsen Heidary-Fyrozjaee, Yannis C. Yortsos

13. PhD Supervision by Okko H. Bosgra
Paul M. J. Hof, Carsten W. Scherer, Peter S. C. Heuberger

14. Okko H. Bosgra, Bibliographic Record
Paul M. J. Hof, Carsten W. Scherer, Peter S. C. Heuberger

Keywords: Engineering, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Systems Theory, Control, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control, Optimization

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15 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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