Katlic, Mark R.

Cardiothoracic Surgery in the Elderly

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Table of contents

1. Invited Commentary
Ronnie A. Rosenthal

2. The Epidemiology and Economics of Cardiothoracic Surgery in the Elderly
David A. Etzioni, Vaughn A. Starnes

3. Principles of Geriatric Surgery
Mark R. Katlic

4. Geriatric Models of Care
Elizabeth A. Capezuti, Patricia Ursomanno, Marie Boltz, Hongsoo Kim

5. Delirium After Cardiac Surgery
James L. Rudolph

6. Cardiac Rehabilitation in the Elderly
Carl I. Gonzales, Lois A. Killewich

7. Legal Aspects of Geriatric Surgery
Marshall B. Kapp

8. Ethical Issues in Cardiothoracic Surgery for the Elderly
Susan M. Hecker, Robert M. Sade

9. Acute Pain Control in Geriatric Patients After Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeries
Jack M. Berger, Tawfik Ayoub, Jayeshkumar Patel

10. Palliative Care in the Elderly
Geoffrey P. Dunn

11. Cardiopulmonary Trauma in the Elderly
Jay Menaker, Thomas M. Scalea

12. Imaging Features of the Normal Aging Chest
Carol C. Wu, Jo-Anne O. Shepard

13. Cardiac Imaging in the Elderly
Faisal Nabi, Dipan J. Shah, Stephen H. Little, Su Min Chang

14. Invited Commentary
Michael E. Zenilman

15. Biology of Aging
Huber R. Warner

16. Hematologic Disorders in the Elderly
Ilene C. Weitz

17. Anticoagulation in the Older Surgical Patient
M. Kate Elfrey, Susan J. Zieman

18. Medication Usage in Older Cardiothoracic Surgical Patients
Richard A. Marottoli, Sean M. Jeffery, Roshini C. Pinto-Powell

19. Wound Healing in the Elderly
Christopher G. Engeland, Praveen K. Gajendrareddy

20. Pulmonary Changes in the Elderly
Keenan A. Hawkins, Ravi Kalhan

21. Cardiac Changes in the Elderly
Wilbert S. Aronow, William H. Frishman

22. Renal Changes in the Elderly
Carlos G. Musso, Dimitrios G. Oreopoulos

23. Gastrointestinal and Liver Changes in the Elderly
Vadim Sherman, John A. Primomo, F. Charles Brunicardi

24. Neurologic and Cognitive Changes in the Elderly
J. Riley McCarten

25. Hormonal Changes During and After Cardiac Surgery
Marcello Maggio, Chiara Cattabiani, Gian Paolo Ceda

26. Invited Commentary
William A. Baumgartner

27. Preoperative Evaluation and Preparation in the Elderly Cardiac Surgery Patient
Joseph C. Cleveland

28. Cardiac Anesthesia in the Elderly
Eric W. Nelson, James H. Abernathy

29. Postoperative and Critical Care in the Elderly Cardiac Surgery Patient
Christopher J. Barreiro, Kerry J. Stewart, Glenn Whitman

30. Surgery for Ischemic Coronary Disease in the Elderly
Margarita T. Camacho, Melissa L. Wong

31. Surgical Treatment of Aortic Valve Disease in the Elderly
Vinod H. Thourani, Robert A. Guyton

32. Surgical Treatment of Mitral Valve Disease in the Elderly
Maqsood M. Elahi, Kenton J. Zehr

33. Surgical Treatment of Thoracic Aortic Disease in the Elderly
Arnar Geirsson

34. Surgical Treatment of Pericardial Disease in the Elderly
Joshua Kindelan, Alberto Hoyos

35. Pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators in the Elderly
Luciana Armaganijan, Jeff S. Healey

36. Heart Transplantation and Mechanical Assistance in the Elderly
Edwin C. McGee

37. Invited Commentary
Joseph LoCicero

38. Preoperative Evaluation and Preparation in the Elderly Thoracic Surgery Patient
Ticiana Leal, Noelle K. LoConte, Anai Kothari, Tracey L. Weigel

39. Thoracic Anesthesia in the Elderly
Anne C. Kolker

40. Postoperative and Critical Care in the Elderly Thoracic Surgery Patient
Brannon R. Hyde, Joseph B. Zwischenberger

41. Adjuvant Therapy for Lung Cancer in the Elderly
Jared Weiss, Corey J. Langer

42. Pulmonary Surgery for Malignant Disease in the Elderly
Sarah E. Billmeier, Michael T. Jaklitsch

43. Benign Thoracic Disease in the Elderly
Rita A. Mukhtar, Pierre R. Theodore

44. Lung Transplantation in the Elderly
Juan J. Fibla, Sandra C. Tomaszek, Stephen D. Cassivi

45. Esophageal Surgery for Malignant Disease in the Elderly
Philip A. Rascoe, John C. Kucharczuk

46. Esophageal Surgery for Benign Disease in the Elderly
Rose E. Hardin, Katie S. Nason, James D. Luketich

47. Surgery for Mediastinal Disease in the Elderly
Cameron D. Wright

48. Surgery for Pleural Disease in the Elderly
Raja M. Flores, Naveed Z. Alam

49. Surgery for Chest Wall Disease in the Elderly
Daniel L. Miller

50. Surgery of the Trachea and Bronchi in the Elderly
Douglas J. Mathisen, Ashok Muniappan

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Cardiac Surgery, Abdominal Surgery, General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Geriatrics/Gerontology

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