Miller, Thomas W.

Handbook of Stressful Transitions Across the Lifespan

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Table of contents

1. Life Stress and Transitions in the Life Span
Thomas W. Miller

2. Life Transitions and Stress in the Context of Psychosocial Development
James E. Marcia

3. The Neurobiology of Stress Throughout the Life Cycle
Jerald Kay

4. Life as a Source of Theory: Erik Erikson’s Contributions, Boundaries, and Marginalities
James J. Clark

5. College-to-Workplace Transitions: Becoming a Freshman Again
Paul I. Hettich

6. Coping with Job Transitions over the Work Life
John R. Rudisill, Jean M. Edwards, Paul J. Hershberger, Joyce E. Jadwin, John M. McKee

7. Transitioning into Retirement as a Stressful Life Event
Thomas F. Holcomb

8. Family Transitions Following Natural and Terrorist Disaster: Hurricane Hugo and the September 11 Terrorist Attack
Catherine L. Cohan

9. The Transition to Adoptive Parenthood
Abbie E. Goldberg

10. Transitioning the Impact of Divorce on Children Throughout the Life Cycle
Brian Barczak, Thomas W. Miller, Lane J. Veltkamp, Sarah Barczak, Clay Hall, Robert Kraus

11. Stress, Mindful Parenting, and the Transition to Adulthood
Jeanne Joseph Chadwick

12. Sexual Transitions in the Lives of Adult Women
Emily Koert, Judith C. Daniluk

13. Family and Spousal Adaptation to Transitioning a Traumatic Event
Thomas W. Miller, Cindy Dunn, Ila Patel

14. Ethical and Legal Issues in Transitioning the Lifespan
Steven Nisenbaum, Madelaine Claire Weiss, Daniel Shapiro

15. Money in (E)Motion Experienced in Stressful Financial Transitions
John V. Boardman

16. Dual Cognitive Processes and Alcohol and Drug Misuse in Transitioning Adolesence
Marvin Krank

17. Life Stress and Managing Transitions Unanticipated Change of Course: The Diagnosis of Chronic Progressive Neurological Disease: No Deal!
William D. Weitzel, Judith K. Carney

18. Transitions Throughout the Cancer Experience: Diagnosis, Treatment, Survivorship, and End of Life
Dorothy Ann Brockopp, Krista Moe, Judith A. Schreiber, Sherry Warden

19. Loss of the Safety Signal in Childhood and Adolescent Trauma
Thomas W. Miller, Allan Beane

20. An Unexpected Traumatic Change in Life: Where to Go from Here?
Richard Welsh, Lane J. Veltkamp, Thomas W. Miller, Ronald Goodman, Emily Rosenbaum

21. The Role of Self-Awareness and Communication in Issues of Health and Aging
Joseph P. Fox

22. Self-Regulation Across Some Life Transitions
Katica Lacković-Grgin, Zvjezdan Penezić

23. Time, Culture, and Life-Cycle Changes of Social Goals
Helene H. Fung, Tasia M. Y. Siu

24. Refugees’ Life Transitions from Displacement to Durable Resettlement
Marie-Antoinette Sossou

25. Religious Worldviews and Stressful Encounters: Reciprocal Influence from a Meaning-Making Perspective
Crystal L. Park, Donald Edmondson, Mary Alice Mills

26. Life Stress Buffer: The Salubrious Role of African-Centered Spirituality
Evangeline A. Wheeler

27. Surviving and Thriving: How Transition Psychology May Apply to Mass Traumas and Changes
Dai Williams

28. Posttraumatic Growth: A Positive Consequence of Trauma
Cassie M. Lindstrom, Kelli N. Triplett

29. Psychological Impact of Genetic Testing
David T. Miller

30. Functional Fitness, Life Stress, and Transitions Across the Life Span
John Nyland, James D. Abbott

31. Nutrition Through the Life Span: Needs and Health Concerns in Critical Periods
Jasminka Z. Ilich, Rhonda A. Brownbill

32. The Role of Animals and Animal-Assisted Therapy in Stressful Life Transitions
Jeanine M. Miller Adams

33. The Role of Humor in Transforming Stressful Life Events
Clifford C. Kuhn, Michael R. Nichols, Barbara L. Belew

34. Concluding Comments and Future Considerations for Stressful Life Events and Transitions Across the Life Span
Thomas W. Miller

Keywords: Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Sociology, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen

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