Rassia, Stamatina Th.

Sustainable Environmental Design in Architecture

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Table of contents

1. Sustainability and Neuroscience
John P. Eberhard

2. Behavioral Science Perspectives on Designing the Environment to Promote Child Health
McKane E. Sharff, Elissa Gerfen, Kenneth P. Tercyak

3. Form Follows Function: Bridging Neuroscience and Architecture
Eve A. Edelstein, Eduardo Macagno

4. Active Transport, the Built Environment, and Human Health
Takemi Sugiyama, Maike Neuhaus, Neville Owen

5. Environmental Control and the Creation of Well-being
Shweta Manchanda, Koen Steemers

6. Design of Healthy, Comfortable, and Energy-Efficient Buildings
Claude-Alain Roulet, Philomena M. Bluyssen, Birgit Müller, Eduardo Oliveira Fernandes

7. Environmental and Behavioral Factors Affecting Residential Air Conditioning Use in Athens and London
Lia Chatzidiakou, Ayub Pathan, Alex Summerfield, Dejan Mumovic

8. The Influence of Weather Conditions on Pedestrians’ Behavior and Motion, with Respect to Queues in Outdoor Urban Areas
Ioannis Tzouvadakis, Athanassios Stamos

9. The Health of Informal Settlements: Illness and the Internal Thermal Conditions of Informal Housing
Matthew French, John Gardner

10. Live Urbanism – Towards SENSEable Cities and Beyond
Bernd Resch, Rex Britter, Carlo Ratti

11. Computer-Aided Analysis of Pedestrians’ Motion Behavior Using Video Frames
Ioannis Tzouvadakis, Athanassios Stamos, Dimitra Vassilaki

12. The Sustainable Schedule of Hospital Spaces: Investigating the ‘Duffle Coat’ Theory
William Fawcett

13. Philosophy About the Quality of Our Indoor Climate
Leo Ruijssher

14. Sustainable Environmental Design in Architecture – Impacts on Health, the Variety of Problems and Problems of the Variety
Mojtaba Samimi, Mohammad Yousef Nili, Sana Seifi

15. Forming the Building Blocks of a Sustainable Environment: How Dialogue and Public Diplomacy Yield Innovative Solutions
William French, Salome Meyer

16. Advantages of the Vertical Farm
Dickson Despommier

17. Restoration–Preservation in an Urban Environment and Seismic Stability of the Statues of Athena and Apollo Along the Forefront of the Academy of Athens
Antonios Kounadis, Nikolaos Makris

18. A Health Damage Pattern Due to Street-Level Pollution in the Central Paris Area Estimated With a Turbulence-Resolving Model
Igor Esau

19. Les Ecoquartiers En France
Pierre Lefèvre

Keywords: Mathematics, Operations Research, Management Science, Engineering Design, Environmental Health, Applications of Mathematics, Sustainable Development, Civil Engineering

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