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Computational Cardiovascular Mechanics

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Table of contents

1. In Vivo Left Ventricular Geometry and Boundary Conditions
Jonathan F. Wenk, Choon-Sik Jhun, Zhihong Zhang, Kay Sun, Mike Burger, Dan Einstein, Mark Ratcliffe, Julius M. Guccione

2. Imaging-Based Assessment and Modeling of the Structures of the Myocardium
Edward W. Hsu, Lindsey J. Healy, Daniel R. Einstein, Andrew P. Kuprat

3. Constitutive Equations and Model Validation
Choon-Sik Jhun, Jonathan F. Wenk, Kay Sun, Julius M. Guccione

4. Determination of Myocardial Material Properties by Optimization
Jonathan F. Wenk, Choon-Sik Jhun, Kay Sun, Nielen Stander, Julius M. Guccione

5. Computational Models of Cardiac Electrical Activation
Mark Svendsen, William Combs, Edward J. Berbari, Ghassan Kassab

6. Geometrical Features of the Vascular System
Ghassan S. Kassab

7. Vascular Geometry Reconstruction and Grid Generation
Thomas Wischgoll, Daniel R. Einstein, Andrew P. Kuprat, Xiangmin Jiao, Ghassan S. Kassab

8. Governing Equations of Blood Flow and Respective Numerical Methods
Yunlong Huo, Ghassan S. Kassab

9. Fluid–Structure Interaction (FSI) Modeling in the Cardiovascular System
Henry Y. Chen, Luoding Zhu, Yunlong Huo, Yi Liu, Ghassan S. Kassab

10. Turbulence in the Cardiovascular System: Aortic Aneurysm as an Illustrative Example
Liang Ge, G.S. Kassab

11. Noninvasive Assessment of Left Ventricular Remodeling: Geometry, Wall Stress, and Function
Liang Zhong, Ru San Tan, Yi Su, Si Yong Yeo, Terrace Chua, Tian Hai Koh, Dhanjoo Ghista, Ghassan Kassab

12. Surgical Left Ventricular Remodeling Procedures
Jonathan F. Wenk, Choon-Sik Jhun, Kay Sun, Mark B. Ratcliffe, Julius M. Guccione

13. Passive Left Ventricular Constraint Devices
Choon-Sik Jhun, Namrata Gundiah, Kay Sun, Hani N. Sabbah, E. Elaine Tseng, Mark B. Ratcliffe, Julius M. Guccione

14. Left Ventricular Implantation of Biomaterials
Samuel T. Wall, Jonathan F. Wenk, Choon-Sik Jhun, Julius M. Guccione

15. Computational Modeling of Heart Failure with Application to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Roy C.P. Kerckhoffs, Lawrence J. Mulligan

16. Computational Modeling of Aortic Heart Valve Mechanics Across Multiple Scales
Laura R. Croft, Mohammad R. Kaazempur Mofrad

17. Blood Flow in an Out-of-Plane Aorto-left Coronary Sequential Bypass Graft
Meena Sankaranarayanan, Dhanjoo N. Ghista, Leok Poh Chua, Tan Yong Seng, Kannan Sundaravadivelu, Ghassan S. Kassab

18. Computational Fluid Dynamics Models of Ventricular Assist Devices
Karen May-Newman

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Cardiac Surgery, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics

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24 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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