Hiermaier, Stefan

Predictive Modeling of Dynamic Processes

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Table of contents

2. Simulation of Recoverable Foams under Impact Loading
Stefan Kolling, Andre Werner, Tobias Erhart, Paul A. Du Boisg

3. The Numerical Simulation of Foam – An Example of Inter-Industrial Synergy
Paul A. Du Bois

4. Influence of Hardening Relations on Forming Limit Curves Predicted by the Theory of Marciniak, Kuczyński, and Pokora
Heinrich Werner

5. The Challenge to Predict Material Failure in Crashworthiness Applications: Simulation of Producibility to Serviceability
André Haufe, Markus Feucht, Frieder Neukamm

6. Cohesive Zone Modeling for Adhesives
Matthias Nossek, Stephan Marzi

7. Modeling the Plasticity of Various Material Classes with a Single Quadratic Yield Function
Markus Wicklein

8. On the Computation of a Generalised Dynamic J-Integral and its Application to the Durability of Steel Structures
Ingbert Mangerig, Stefan Kolling

9. The MAX-Analysis: New Computational and Post-Processing Procedures for Vehicle Safety Analysis
David Vinckier

10. 10 Years RHT: A Review of Concrete Modelling and Hydrocode Applications
Werner Riedel

11. Numerical Simulations of the Penetration of Glass Using Two Pressure-Dependent Constitutive Models
Sidney Chocron, Charles E. Anderson

12. On the main mechanisms in ballistic perforation of steel plates at sub-ordnance impact velocities
Tore Børvik, Sumita Dey, Odd Sture Hopperstad, Magnus Langseth

13. Dimensioning of concrete walls against small calibre impact including models for deformable penetrators and the scattering of experimental results
Norbert Gebbeken, Tobias Linse, Thomas Hartmann, Martien Teich, Achim Pietzsch

14. Numerical Analysis of Fluiddynamic Instabilities and Pressure Fluctuations in the Near Field of a Detonation
Arno Klomfass

15. Numerical Simulation of Muzzle Exit and Separation Process for Sabot–Guided Projectiles at M > 1
Jörn Keuk, Arno Klomfass

16. Numerical Analysis of the Supercavitating Flow about blunt Bodies
Arno Klomfass, Manfred Salk

17. Numerical Analysis Method for the RC Structures Subjected to Aircraft Impact and HE Detonation
Masahide Katayama, Masaharu Itoh

18. Groundshock Displacements–Experiment and Simulation
Eliahu Racah

19. Hypervelocity Impact Induced ShockWaves and Related Equations of State
Stefan Hiermaier

20. Artificial Viscosity Methods forModelling Shock Wave Propagation
James Campbell, Rade Vignjevic

21. Review of Development of the Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Method
Rade Vignjevic, James Campbell

22. Assessing the Resiliency of Composite Structural Systems and Materials Used in Earth-Orbiting Spacecraft to Hypervelocity Projectile Impact
William P. Schonberg

23. Numerical Simulation in Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris Risk Assessment
Shannon Ryan

24. Numerical Modeling of Crater Formation by Meteorite Impact and Nuclear Explosion
Charles L. Mader

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Mechanics, Simulation and Modeling, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Automotive Engineering, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics

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