Benham, Craig John

Mathematics of DNA Structure, Function and Interactions

Benham, Craig John - Mathematics of DNA Structure, Function and Interactions, ebook


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Table of contents

2. Nick Cozzarelli: A Personal Remembrance
Stephen D. Levene, Lynn Zechiedrich

3. Mathematical Methods in Dna Topology: Applications to Chromosome Organization and Site-Specific Recombination
Javier Arsuaga, Yuanan Diao, Mariel Vazquez

4. Conformational Statistics of Dna and Diffusion Equations on The Euclidean Group
Gregory S. Chirikjian

5. Perspectives On DNA Looping
Laura Finzi

6. Differences Between Positively and Negatively Supercoiled DNA that Topoisomerases May Distinguish
Jonathan M. Fogg, Daniel J. Catanese, Graham L. Randall, Michelle C. Swick, Lynn Zechiedrich

7. Calibration of Tethered Particle Motion Experiments
Lin Han, Bertrand H. Lui, Seth Blumberg, John F. Beausang, Philip C. Nelson, Rob Phillips

8. Difference Topology: Analysis of High-Order DNA-Protin Assemblies
Makkuni Jayaram, Rasika Harshey

9. Useful Intrusions of DNA Topology Into Experiments on Protein-DNA Geometry
Jason D. Kahn, James R. Jenssen, Vasavi Vittal

10. Topological Analysis of DNA-Protein Complexes
Soojeong Kim, Isabel K. Darcy

11. Closing the Loop on Protein-DNA Interactions: Interplay Between Shape and Flexibility in Nucleoprotein Assemblies Having Implications for Biological Regulation
Stephen D. Levene, Yongli Zhang

12. Four-Way Helical Junctions in DNA Molecules
David M.J. Lilley

13. Micromechanics of Single Supercoiled DNA Molecules
John F. Marko

14. Flexibility Of Nucleosomes On Topologically Constrained DNA
Andrei Sivolob, Christophe Lavelle, Ariel Prunell

15. The Mathematics of DNA Sturcture, Mechanics, and Dynamics
David Swigon

16. Paradox Regained: a Topological Coupling of Nuclesomal DNA Wrapping and Chromatin Fibre Coiling
Andrew Travers

17. Statistical-Mechanical Analysis of Enzymatic Topological Transformations in DNA Molecules
Alexander Vologodskii

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematical Biology in General, Systems Biology, Applications of Mathematics

Publication year
The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications
Natural Sciences

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