Ghosh, Somnath

Computational Methods for Microstructure-Property Relationships

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Table of contents

1. Microstructure–Property–Design Relationships in the Simulation Era: An Introduction
Dennis M. Dimiduk

2. Serial Sectioning Methods for Generating 3D Characterization Data of Grain- and Precipitate-Scale Microstructures
Michael D. Uchic

3. Digital Representation of Materials Grain Structure
Michael A. Groeber

4. Multiscale Characterization and Domain Partitioning for Multiscale Analysis of Heterogeneous Materials
Somnath Ghosh

5. Coupling Microstructure Characterization with Microstructure Evolution
Chen Shen, Ning Ma, Yuwen Cui, Ning Zhou, Yunzhi Wang

6. Representation of Materials Constitutive Responses in Finite Element-Based Design Codes
Yoon Suk Choi, Robert A. A. Brockman

7. Accounting for Microstructure in Large Deformation Models of Polycrystalline Metallic Materials
C. A. Bronkhorst, P. J. Maudlin, G. T. Gray, E. K. Cerreta, E. N. Harstad, F. L. Addessio

8. Dislocation Mediated Continuum Plasticity: Case Studies on Modeling Scale Dependence, Scale-Invariance, and Directionality of Sharp Yield-Point
Claude Fressengeas, A. Acharya, A. J. Beaudoin

9. Dislocation-Mediated Time-Dependent Deformation in Crystalline Solids
Michael Mills, Glenn Daehn

10. Modeling Heterogeneous Intragrain Deformations Using Finite Element Formulations
Paul Dawson, Jobie Gerken, Tito Marin

11. Full-Field vs. Homogenization Methods to Predict Microstructure–Property Relations for Polycrystalline Materials
R. A. Lebensohn, P. Ponte Castañeda, R. Brenner, O. Castelnau

12. Stochastic Upscaling for Inelastic Material Behavior from Limited Experimental Data
Sonjoy Das, Roger Ghanem

13. DDSim: Framework for Multiscale Structural Prognosis
John M. Emery, Anthony R. Ingraffea

14. Modeling Fatigue Crack Nucleation Using Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Simulations and Multi-time Scaling
Somnath Ghosh, Masoud Anahid, Pritam Chakraborty

15. Challenges Below the Grain Scale and Multiscale Models
Hussein M. Zbib, David F. Bahr

16. Emerging Methods for Matching Simulation and Experimental Scales
Andrew H. Rosenberger

17. Simulation-Assisted Design and Accelerated Insertion of Materials
D. L. McDowell, D. Backman

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Mechanics

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