Hartman-Stein, Paula E.

Enhancing Cognitive Fitness in Adults

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Table of contents

1. Memory Enhancement Strategies: What Works Best for Obtaining Memory Goals?
John Dunlosky, Heather Bailey, Christopher Hertzog

2. Mental and Physical Exercise as a Means to Reverse Cognitive Aging and Enhance Well-Being
Walter R. Boot, Daniel P. Blakely

3. Consumer-Based Brain Fitness Programs
Elizabeth M. Zelinski, Sarah E. Dalton, Glenn E. Smith

4. Synapse: A Clinical Trial Examining the Impact of Actively Engaging the Aging Mind
Jennifer Lodi-Smith, Denise C. Park

5. Meditation, Mindfulness, Cognition, and Emotion: Implications for Community-Based Older Adult Programs
Alfred W. Kaszniak

6. Keys to a Sharp Mind: Providing Choice and Quality Programming in a Retirement Community
Jeanette S. Biermann, Paula E. Hartman-Stein, Paula E. Hartman-Stein

7. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Montana: A Model of Successful University and Community Partnerships
Sharon Alexander, Cynthia Aten, Dannette Fadness, Kali Lightfoot

8. Closing the Generation Gap: Using Discussion Groups to Benefit Older Adults and College Students
Kelly E. Cichy, Gregory C. Smith

9. A Practical Guide to Senior Odyssey
Elizabeth A. L. Stine-Morrow, Jeanine M. Parisi

10. Spelling Clubs and Competitions for Older Adults: Language Boosting Within a Social Context
Paula E. Hartman-Stein, Paula E. Hartman-Stein, Mary DeForest

11. Oral Life Review in Older Adults: Principles for the Social Service Professional
Thomas M. Meuser

12. Creative Writing Groups: A Promising Avenue for Enhancing Working Memory and Emotional Well-Being
Paula E. Hartman-Stein, Paula E. Hartman-Stein

13. Peer-Led Memory Training Programs to Support Brain Fitness
Linda M. Ercoli, Paul A. Cernin, Gary W. Small

14. Cognitive Wellness for Diverse Populations
Stephanie R. Johnson

15. The Role of Physical Activity in Cognitive Fitness: A General Guide for Community Programs
Edward S. Potkanowicz

16. Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements to Promote Brain Health
Abhilash K. Desai, Abhilash K. Desai, Joy Rush, Lakshmi Naveen, Papan Thaipisuttikul

17. Enhancing Healthy Cognitive Aging Through Theater Arts
Tony Noice, Helga Noice

18. Coming Alive: Kairos Dance Theatre’s Dancing Heart™ – Vital Elders Moving in Community
Maria DuBois Genné, Cristopher Anderson

19. Art, Museums, and Culture
Sean Caulfield

20. The Songwriting Works™ Model: Enhancing Brain Health and Fitness Through Collaborative Musical Composition and Performance
Judith-Kate Friedman

21. Supporting Cognition and Well-Being in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Pilot Intervention
Asenath La Rue

22. Early Memory Loss Clubs: A Novel Approach for Stimulating and Sustaining Cognitive Function
Thomas Fritsch, Kathleen A. Smyth, Maggie S. Wallendal, Kristin Einberger, David S. Geldmacher

23. Implementing the “I’m Still Here”™ Approach: Montessori-Based Methods for Engaging Persons with Dementia
Cameron J. Camp, John Zeisel, Vincent Antenucci

24. Kirtan Kriya Meditation: A Promising Technique for Enhancing Cognition in Memory-Impaired Older Adults
Dharma Singh Khalsa, Andrew Newberg

25. Brain Brightening: Neurotherapy for Enhancing Cognition in the Elderly
James Lawrence Thomas

26. Neurons in Neighborhoods: How Purposeful Participation in a Community-based Intergenerational Program Enhanced Quality of Life for Persons Living with Dementia
Daniel R. George

27. Experience Corps®: A Civic Engagement-Based Public Health Intervention in the Public Schools
George W. Rebok, Michelle C. Carlson, Jeremy S. Barron, Kevin D. Frick, Sylvia McGill, Jeanine M. Parisi, Teresa Seeman, Erwin J. Tan, Elizabeth K. Tanner, Paul R. Willging, Linda P. Fried

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Geriatrics/Gerontology, Clinical Psychology, Neurology

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