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Integrating Ecology and Poverty Reduction

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Integrating Ecology and Poverty Reduction
Fabrice DeClerck, Jane Carter Ingram, Cristina Rumbaitis Rio

2. Introduction to Ecological Dimensions of Hunger
Fabrice DeClerck

3. Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Landscapes
Sean M. Smukler, Stacy M. Philpott, Louise E. Jackson, Alexandra-Maria Klein, Fabrice DeClerck, Leigh Winowiecki, Cheryl A. Palm

4. Ecology and Human Nutrition
Roseline Remans, Jessica Fanzo, Cheryl A. Palm, Fabrice DeClerck

5. Landscape Approaches to Achieving Food Production, Natural Resource Conservation, and the Millennium Development Goals
Jeffrey C. Milder, Louise E. Buck, Fabrice DeClerck, Sara J. Scherr

6. Introduction to Water, Poverty, and Ecology: A Vision for Sustainability
Casey Brown

7. Ecology and Poverty in Watershed Management
Timothy O. Randhir, Ashley G. Hawes

8. Balancing Human and Ecosystem Needs for Water in Urban Water Supply Planning
Thomas FitzHugh, Colin Apse, Ridge Schuyler, John Sanderson

9. Water, Ecosystems, and Poverty: Roadmap for the Coming Challenge
Casey Brown

10. Introduction to Human Health, Ecosystems, and Poverty Reduction
Samuel S. Myers

11. Land Use Change and Human Health
Samuel S. Myers

12. The Health Impacts of Climate Change and Ecological Diagnosis and Treatment
Jeremy Hess, Samuel S. Myers

13. Disease Ecology
Felicia Keesing, Richard S. Ostfeld

14. Human Health as an Ecosystem Service: A Conceptual Framework
Karen Levy, Gretchen Daily, Samuel S. Myers

15. Introduction to Ecological Dimensions of Global Energy Poverty
Cristina Rumbaitis Rio

16. Ecological Context for Sustainable Energy Solutions
Susan C. Doll

17. Ecology–Poverty Considerations for Developing Sustainable Biomass Energy Options
David J. Ganz, David S. Saah, Jill Blockhus, Craig Leisher

18. Ecological Sustainability of Woodfuel as an Energy Source in Rural Communities
Rob Bailis, Jeff L. Chatellier, Adrian Ghilardi

19. Introduction to the Ecological Dimensions of Climate Change and Disasters
Cristina Rumbaitis Rio

20. The Role of Ecosystems in Building Climate Change Resilience and Reducing Greenhouse Gases
Cristina Rumbaitis Rio

21. Improving Understanding of Climatic Controls on Ecology in Development Contexts
Anton Seimon

22. Incorporating Ecology and Natural Resource Management into Coastal Disaster Risk Reduction
Jane Carter Ingram, Bijan Khazai

23. Integrating Natural Resource Management into Disaster Response and Mitigation
Julie A. March

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Sustainable Development, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, Applied Ecology, Development Economics, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen

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Natural Sciences

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