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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Metamaterials
Tie Jun Cui, Ruopeng Liu, David R. Smith

2. Optical Transformation Theory
Wei Xiang Jiang, Tie Jun Cui

3. General Theory on Artificial Metamaterials
Ruopeng Liu, Tie Jun Cui, David R. Smith

4. Rapid Design for Metamaterials
Jessie Y. Chin, Ruopeng Liu, Tie Jun Cui, David R. Smith

5. Broadband and Low-Loss Non-Resonant Metamaterials
Ruopeng Liu, Qiang Cheng, Tie Jun Cui, David R. Smith

6. Experiment on Cloaking Devices
Ruopeng Liu, Jessie Y. Chin, Chunlin Ji, Tie Jun Cui, David R. Smith

7. Finite-Difference Time-Domain Modeling of Electromagnetic Cloaks
Christos Argyropoulos, Yan Zhao, Efthymios Kallos, Yang Hao

8. Compensated Anisotropic Metamaterials: Manipulating Sub-wavelength Images
Yijun Feng

9. The Dynamical Study of the Metamaterial Systems
Xunya Jiang, Zheng Liu, Zixian Liang, Peijun Yao, Xulin Lin, Huanyang Chen

10. Photonic Metamaterials Based on Fractal Geometry
Xueqin Huang, Shiyi Xiao, Lei Zhou, Weijia Wen, C. T. Chan, Ping Sheng

11. Magnetic Plasmon Modes Introduced by the Coupling Effect in Metamaterials
H. Liu, Y. M. Liu, T. Li, S. M. Wang, S. N. Zhu, X. Zhang

12. Enhancing Light Coupling With Plasmonic Optical Antennas
Jun Xu, Anil Kumar, Pratik Chaturvedi, Keng H. Hsu, Nicholas X. Fang

13. Wideband and Low-Loss Metamaterials for Microwave and RF Applications: Fast Algorithm and Antenna Design
Le-Wei Li, Ya-Nan Li, Li Hu

14. Experiments and Applications of Metamaterials in Microwave Regime
Qiang Cheng, X. M. Yang, H. F. Ma, J. Y. Chin, T. J. Cui, R. Liu, D. R. Smith

15. Left-Handed Transmission Line of Low Pass and Its Applications
Xin Hu, Sailing He

Keywords: Engineering, Microwaves, RF and Optical Engineering, Optical and Electronic Materials, Magnetism, Magnetic Materials

Publication year
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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