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Advances in Teacher Emotion Research

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Table of contents

2. Introduction to Advances in Teacher Emotion Research: The Impact on Teachers’ Lives
Paul A. Schutz, Michalinos Zembylas

3. Teacher Emotions: Well Being and Effectiveness
Christopher Day, Gu Qing

4. Seeking Eudaimonia: The Emotions in Learning to Teach and to Mentor
Robert V. Bullough

5. Emotion Management and Display in Teaching: Some Ethical and Moral Considerations in the Era of Marketization and Commercialization
Izhar Oplatka

6. Entering the Emotional Practices of Teaching
Debra K. Meyer

7. Understanding the Role of Teacher Appraisals in Shaping the Dynamics of their Relationships with Students: Deconstructing Teachers’ Judgments of Disruptive Behavior/Students
Mei-Lin Chang, Heather A. Davis

8. Antecedents and Effects of Teachers’ Emotional Experiences: An Integrated Perspective and Empirical Test
Anne C. Frenzel, Thomas Goetz, Elizabeth J. Stephens, Barbara Jacob

9. Teacher Transactions with the Emotional Dimensions of Student Experiences with Cancer
Sue Lasky, Eileen Estes

10. Emotional Scaffolding: The Emotional and Imaginative Dimensions of Teaching and Learning
Jerry Rosiek, Ronald A. Beghetto

11. Educational Psychology Perspectives on Teachers’ Emotions
Paul A. Schutz, Lori P. Aultman, Meca R. Williams-Johnson

12. Surviving Diversity in Times of Performativity: Understanding Teachers’ Emotional Experience of Change
Geert Kelchtermans, Katrijn Ballet, Liesbeth Piot

13. Teachers’ Emotions in a Context of Reforms: To a Deeper Understanding of Teachers and Reforms
Klaas Veen, Peter Sleegers

14. Implementing High-Quality Educational Reform Efforts: An Interpersonal Circumplex Model Bridging Social and Personal Aspects of Teachers’ Motivation
Jeannine E. Turner, Ralph M. Waugh, Jessica J. Summers, Crissie M. Grove

15. Beliefs and Professional Identity: Critical Constructs in Examining the Impact of Reform on the Emotional Experiences of Teachers
Dionne I. Cross, Ji Y. Hong

16. An Exploratory Study of Race and Religion in the Emotional Experience of African-American Female Teachers
Ken Winograd

17. The Emotionality of Women Professors of Color in Engineering: A Critical Race Theory and Critical Race Feminism Perspective
Jessica T. DeCuir-Gunby, Linda A. Long-Mitchell, Christine Grant

18. Emotions and Social Inequalities: Mobilizing Emotions for Social Justice Education
Michalinos Zembylas, Sharon Chubbuck

19. Research on Teachers’ Emotions in Education: Findings, Practical Implications and Future Agenda
Michalinos Zembylas, Paul A. Schutz

Keywords: Education, Educational Psychology, Teaching and Teacher Education, Child and School Psychology

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Upbringing, Education

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