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Engineering Education Quality Assurance

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Table of contents

1. The Background of Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Engineering Education
Peter J. Gray, Arun Patil, Gary Codner

2. Quality Assurance in European Engineering Education: Present and Future Challenges
John Cowan

3. EUR-ACE: The European Accreditation System of Engineering Education and Its Global Context
Giuliano Augusti

4. Toward Consensus Global Standards for Quality Assurance of Engineering Programmes
Hu Hanrahan

5. Quality Assurance in the Preparation of Technical Professionals: The ABET Perspective
George D. Peterson

6. Quality Assurance in Engineering Education and Modernization of Higher Education in Russia
A. Chuchalin, O. Boev, A. Kriushova

7. Quality Assurance in Vietnam’s Engineering Education
Hao V. Le, Kim D. Nguyen

8. Quality Assurance for the Engineering Paraprofessional in Thailand
Kalayanee Jitgarun, Paiboon Kiattikomol, Anuvat Tongsakul

9. Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Chile: National and Engineering Dimensions
Mario F. Letelier, Patricio V. Poblete, Rosario Carrasco, Ximena Vargas

10. Quality Assurance of Engineering Education in Sweden
Johan Malmqvist, Aija Sadurskis

11. Assessment of Engineering Education Quality: An Indian Perspective
R. Natarajan

12. Quality Issues Facing Malaysian Higher Learning Institutions: A Case Study of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
M. Puteh, S. M. Daud, N. H. Mahmood, N. A. Azli

13. Quality Assurance in Engineering Education in the United States
Lance Schachterle, Chrysanthe Demetry, John A. Orr

14. Quality Assurance in Engineering Education: An All-round Perspective
Kin Wai Michael Siu

15. Engineering Education Quality Assurance: The Essential Pillar of Higher Education Reform in Lithuania
A. V. Valiulis, D. Valiulis

16. Using a Measure of Student Holistic Development for Quality Assurance
Larry A. Braskamp

17. CDIO and Quality Assurance: Using the Standards for Continuous Program Improvement
Doris R. Brodeur, Edward F. Crawley

18. Using Soft Systems Thinking to Confront the Politics of Innovation in Engineering Education
Henk Eijkman, Obada Kayali, Stephen Yeomans

19. Real-Time Quality Control Methods in PBL-based Engineering Education
Egon Moesby, Palle Qvist

20. Enhancing the Quality of the Engineering Student Experience
Chenicheri Sid Nair, Arun Patil

21. Taxonomies of Engineering Competencies and Quality Assurance in Engineering Education
L. C. Woollacott

22. Internal and External Quality Assurance Approaches for Improvement and Accountability: A Conceptual Framework
Peter J. Gray, Arun Patil

Keywords: Engineering, Job Careers in Science and Engineering, Science Education, Engineering, general

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