Taylor, Lester D.

Consumer Demand in the United States

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Table of contents

1. Introduction and Overview
Lester D. Taylor

2. Demand Theory Under Review
Lester D. Taylor

3. Quantile Regression: A Robust Alternative to Least Squares
Lester D. Taylor

4. Description of Data Used from the Ongoing BLS Consumer Expenditure Surveys
Lester D. Taylor

5. Stability of U.S. Consumption Expenditure Patterns: 1996–1999
Lester D. Taylor

6. Price and Income Elasticities Estimated from BLS Consumer Expenditure Surveys and ACCRA Price Data: Some Preliminary Results
Lester D. Taylor

7. Estimation of Theoretically Plausible Demand Functions from U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey Data
Lester D. Taylor

8. An Additive Double-Logarithmic Consumer Demand System
Lester D. Taylor

9. Quantile Regression Analysis of Asymmetrically Distributed Residuals
Lester D. Taylor

10. CES Panel Dynamics: A Discrete-Time Flow-Adjustment Model
Lester D. Taylor

11. Engel Curves for 29 Categories of CES Expenditure
Lester D. Taylor

12. Summary of Cross-Sectional Results
Lester D. Taylor

13. Analysis of Time-Series Data on Personal Consumption Expenditures from the U.S. National Income and Product Accounts
Lester D. Taylor

14. Quarterly PCE Models
Lester D. Taylor

15. Annual PCE Models
Lester D. Taylor

16. Discussion of the Time-Series Results
Lester D. Taylor

17. Comparison of Time-Series and Cross-Sectional Elasticities
Lester D. Taylor

18. Overall Assessment of CES and PCE Elasticities
Lester D. Taylor

19. The Dynamics of Personal Saving
Lester D. Taylor

20. The Stationarity of Consumer Preferences: Evidence from Twenty Countries
Lester D. Taylor, Hendrik S. Houthakker*

21. Notes on Thick-Tailed Distributions of Wealth
Lester D. Taylor

22. Conic Distributions of Earned Incomes
Lester D. Taylor

23. Final Evaluation
Lester D. Taylor

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics, Financial Economics, Econometrics, Marketing

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