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Pre-Columbian Foodways

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Table of contents

1. Pre-Columbian Foodways in Mesoamerica
John E. Staller, Michael D. Carrasco

2. Ethnohistoric Sources on Foodways, Feasts, and Festivals in Mesoamerica
John E. Staller

3. Development of Agriculture in Prehistoric Mesoamerica: The Linguistic Evidence
Cecil H. Brown

4. The Pastoral Niche in Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica
Jeffrey R. Parsons

5. The Drink Mescal: Its Origin and Ritual Uses
Mari Carmen Serra, Lazcano A Carlos

6. Forming Mesoamerican Taste: Cacao Consumption in Formative Period Contexts
Rosemary A. Joyce, John S. Henderson

7. Salt Production and Trade in Ancient Mesoamerica
Eduardo Williams

8. The Dirt on Food: Ancient Feasts and Markets Among the Lowland Maya
Bruce H. Dahlin, Daniel Bair, Tim Beach, Matthew Moriarty, Richard Terry

9. An Epigraphic Analysis of Classic-Period Maya Foodstuffs
Kerry Hull

10. Sweet Cacao and Sour Atole: Mixed Drinks on Classic Maya Ceramic Vases
Dmitri Beliaev, Albert Davletshin, Alexandre Tokovinine

11. Prehistoric Chronology of the Common Bean in the New World: The Linguistic Evidence
Cecil H. Brown

12. Death and Chocolate: The Significance of Cacao Offerings in Ancient Maya Tombs and Caches at Copan, Honduras
Cameron L. McNeil

13. Feasting with Foam: Ceremonial Drinks of Cacao, Maize, and Pataxte Cacao
Judith Strupp Green

14. Corn, Colanders, and Cooking: Early Maize Processing in the Maya Lowlands and Its Implications
David Cheetham

15. Potographies and Biographies: The Role of Food in Ritual and Identity as Seen Through Life Histories of Selected Maya Pots and People
Linda Howie, Christine D. White, Fred J. Longstaffe

16. Dietary Diversity in the Upper Belize River Valley: A Zooarchaeological and Isotopic Perspective
Carolyn R. Freiwald

17. Power Plants: Paleobotanical Evidence of Rural Feasting in Late Classic Belize
David J. Goldstein, Jon B. Hageman

18. Food and Feasting in the Zona Maya of Quintana Roo
E. N. Anderson

19. All Maize Is Not Equal: Maize Variety Choices and Mayan Foodways in Rural Yucatan, Mexico
John Tuxill, Luis Arias Reyes, Luis Latournerie Moreno, Vidal Cob Uicab, Devra I. Jarvis

20. Maya Foodways: A Reflection of Gender and Ideology
Amber O’Connor

21. The Axolotl as Food and Symbol in the Basin of Mexico, from 1200 BC to today
Carolyn E. Tate

22. Topophilia: A Tool for the Demarcation of Cultural Microregions: The Case of the Huaxteca
Lorenzo Ochoa

23. This World and Beyond: Food Practices and the Social Order in Mayan Religion
Brian Stross

24. Maize Was Their Flesh: Ritual Feasting in the Maya Highlands
Allen J. Christenson

25. From Field to Hearth: An Earthly Interpretation of Maya and Other Mesoamerican Creation Myths
Michael D. Carrasco

26. The Flesh of God: Cosmology, Food, and the Origins of Political Power in Ancient Southeastern Mesoamerica
David Freidel, F. Kent Reilly

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Archaeology, Regional and Cultural Studies

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